10 cancer diseases caused by alcohol





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Recently, the "Addiction" magazine of the US Addiction Search Center (ARC) pointed out that drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of many cancer diseases.


The more you drink, the greater the risk of development cancer you may face with. People who drink more than 5 glasses of strong drinks a day have the risk of dying from cancer increased by 40 percent, even by drinking little amounts of alcohol, there is a risk to increase the possibility of cancer development.

In this new study, Dr. Jenny Connor and researchers from the Preventive Medicine Department of Otago University of Medicine, New Zealand, have focused their analysis of alcohol for 10 years of World Cancer Research Fund, US Agency for Research on Cancer, International Oncology Foundation.

The results showed that drinking alcohol increases the risk of seven types of cancer, namely oral cavity cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Experts share that, although the specific principle how drinking alcohol leads to cancer is not completely clear, but frequent alcohol consumption eventually deteriorates the body enzymes directly related to oral cavity cancer, throat cancer and esophageal cancer. Besides, the main reason why alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer is due to the fact that alcohol makes the level of estrogen in the female body increased.

Professor Connor said, there are even more evidence showing that drinking does not only increase the risk of the seven cancers mentioned above, but also increases the risk of skin cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

In addition, excessive drinking also causes problem for cardiovascular health.


Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should limit alcohol intake or try to give up alcohol. If you still have to drink sometimes, please pay attention:

Before drinking alcohol, eat some starch containing foods

According to the research, to reduce the absorption of alcohol, water-based starches are more effective than fat, even if you do not have time to eat, you can have a cup of starch Oatmeal in advance. Fiber in the meal will make the stomach immediately feel full, thereby reducing the amount of alcohol intake.

When drinking, do not drink immediately

Alcohol should be taken slowly, occasionally stopping slightly to reduce the absorption of alcohol into the body. When drinking alcohol, do not drink along with carbonated soft drinks to avoid accelerating the absorption of alcohol.

When drinking, you should eat plenty of green vegetables and beans

Antioxidants and vitamins in green vegetables can protect the liver; lecithin in bean products also has a good protective effect on the liver, reducing alcohol absorbing into the liver and causing bad effects on the liver.

White wine, beer needs attention

When drinking white wine, you should drink plenty of water to help the alcohol quickly to be removed out of the body with urine. When drinking beer, you need to go to the toilet regularly, when drinking strong drinks, they should be served with ice.  

Do not drink alcohol with other drinks

Different alcohol drinks contain different ingredients, and being mixed together can cause changes, leading to headaches, rapid intoxication. After drinking alcohol, the body needs to rest and recover.

The best solution is orange juice, apple juice

It's not green tea, neither Pepsi nor Coca Cola, but fruit juices, especially orange juice and apple juice have the best decongestant effect, because these fruits contain sugar which can help to burn alcohol better.



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