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            Cancer incidence around the world is increasing, and one of the factors that contribute to this, according to scientists, is the neglect of healthy food. Scientific experts told about what types of products can cause cancer.

#1 Cancer Causing Food:

     1st type of foods that cause cancer is sugar. According to the data obtained by scientists from Belgium, sugar promotes the growth of malignant tumors - this is due to the fact that the process of gligolysis (glucose splitting) stimulates the reproduction of cancer cells. Researchers attribute excessive sugar intake to the development of colorectal, breast and bladder cancers.

     What you really need to give up once and for all is artificial sweeteners. Doctors emphasize that sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, as well as drinks and products that contain them can be very toxic to the body. Abuse of products containing sweeteners can lead to cancer of the throat, esophagus, and stomach.

#2 Cancer Causing Food:

    The second type of food that causes cancer is sausages. Sausage is recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) product with proven carcinogenic activity - experts regularly associate it with the development of colorectal cancer.

    In addition, there is scientific evidence that the habit of eating sausage can lead to the development of breast cancer. Instead of meat products, scientists recommend eating poultry or fish more often.

#3 Cancer Causing Food:

     The third type of foods that cause cancer is food high in fat. Regular consumption of fatty foods (especially those containing trans fats and animal fat) acts as a stimulator of stem cell division in the tissues of the intestine, which causes the growth of malignant tumors, as shown by experiments on mice.

    Scientists believe that the abuse of fat provokes irreversible cell mutations, leading to the possible appearance of cancer not only in the intestine, but also in other organs.

#3 Cancer Causing Food:

    The fourth type of food that cause cancer is processed food. Many scientists say that cancer is not caused by specific products, but by the method of their preparation. The most dangerous in this regard is the processed food - various bread and pastries, carbonated drinks, cereal with sugar, semi-finished products, meat products. This food has a high content of sugar, fat and salt, despite the fact that it contains almost no vitamins and fiber, and the process of its digestion can provoke dangerous cellular changes.

      In addition, it’s better to avoid eating foods with a long shelf life due to a high amount of preservatives contained in them.

    We all know the healthy nutrition guidelines, however not all of us perform them fully, thus we put our health at risk of chronic chemical intoxication and the development of serious chronic diseases.

    I order to protect your health and the health of your beloved ones, doctors recommend to conduct regular detoxification in order to decrease the toxic load of junk food on our body. The most reliable product in Vietnam for this aim is PECTIN COMPLEX - a natural detox supplement of premium quality from Ukraine. It consists of organic ingredients - highly purified pharmaceutical grade sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, enriched by a powerful set of vitamins.

PECTIN COMPLEX is effective for:

  • Helping to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, radio nuclides, pesticides and other chemical pollutants.
  • Complex treatment of chronic and acute chemical intoxications, food and alcohol poisonings.
  • Regulating the level of cholesterol in blood, helps to improves peripheral blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regulating the level of glucose in the blood, helps to prevents diabetes.
  • Improving the functions of digestive system and regulates intestinal microflora.
  • Regulating metabolism, has hepatoprotective and soft choleretic properties.
  • Complex treatment of allergic and skin diseases.
  • Prevention of obstetric complications in pregnant women.
  • Promoting  healthy weight loss.
  • Strengthening  the immune system and eliminates  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Complex treatment and prevention of cancer, reduces the side effects of treatment with antibiotics and chemotherapy, increases the absorption of medicines, providing their prolonged effect.

               Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!



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