5 spring secrets of nature for perfect health





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Spring is in full swing! In winter, we move less, feel cold, eat more high-calorie unhealthy food,  brings toxins and possibly a few extra kilos to the body.

Spring wakes  everybody up from sleep and rejuvenates us. Let's apply its major secrets.

Secret № 1. Add vitamins to your diet

In spring it is always necessary to replenish the supply of vitamins in the body. Symptoms of  a slight beriberi are:

  • Irritability, fatigue
  • Dry skin, some irritation or imperfections on it
  • Dull hair
  • Weak immunity.

The easiest way to get vitamins is to stay in the sun. Sunshine promotes quick synthesis of vitamin D on the skin surface.

The second simple way of enriching the body with vitamins is food. Eat more green vegetables. They contain vitamins A, E, carotene, calcium, potassium and cupper.

But the most effective way is to take multivitamin preparations, which are widely sold in pharmacies.  In a short time they will saturate your body with all the necessary essential microelements.

Secret № 2. Drink plenty of water


Each day we lose large amounts of water through urine, sweat and breathing. Therefore, our body constantly needs to replenish its reserves.

Cucumbers contain 96% water, celery - 94%, tomatoes - 93%, spinach - 92%, melon - 91%. Eat these foods and drink plenty of purified water during the day in small portions.  Due to sufficient moistening your skin will be radiant!

Secret № 3. Have more physical activity

Get up early, go for a jog, take a shower. If you have a dynamic start of the day, your  productivity will increase significantly. Spring  is the best time for an early rise!

And, of course, move more! Walk, play football with your friends or go dancing.


Secret № 4. Detoxify your body!

We regularly clean up the house, wash and clean carefully every room in it. But we often forget about the necessity to cleanse our body. Eat more food rich in fiber, vegetable salads, drink herbal tea. Also it is very useful to take dietary pectin supplements. Pectin is an effective natural sorbent which cleanses the body of toxins, waste, heavy metals and other persistent chemical contaminants. Going to sauna also helps to eliminate toxins and waste.

Secret № 5. Rejoice!

Take from spring the state of a soul flight. Let each day bring the joy of communicating with people. Walk more in nature, wear bright and beautiful clothes, smile more often! And the spring mood in the soul will remain with you for the whole year!



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