5 Best ways to restore your health





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The world is full of opportunities.  We want to try everything and manage to do as much as possible. We set goals, strive for it, spend much time at work. And suddenly, one moment,  we feel warn out  -  our energy disappears, and usual pace of life is more difficult to handle. 

The reason for this state is physical, informational and emotional overload.

We feel tired mainly because of living in the polluted environment, having a heavy workload,  numerous bad habits and  the lack of sufficient rest.  

Let’s see 5 easy ways to  restore health and strength and recharge our batteries!

1. A day of silence

This method can be called an ideal recreation for your mind. On this day, you need to turn off the mobile phone, do not browse the Internet and social networks, do not turn on the TV.

What do you do all this time? You can go for a walk or jog, take a relaxing bath, read a book (but not for work!). Enjoy your favorite hobby. Devote this time to yourself and your thoughts.

I agree that for a busy citizen it may be difficult to spend 24 hours in total silence. In this case there is an optimal solution:  arrange an hour of silence for yourself several times a week.


2. Have a sound sleep

The health benefit of a sound sleep is known by everyone. However, so many people neglect it. The regular restful sleep - is the basis of our well-being, good mood and even success.

Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day. A cool, dark and quiet room is an ideal place for sleep.

3. Have healthy eating habits

Minimize the consumption of fat and fried dishes. Drink green tea and fresh juices instead of sweet sparkling water and coffee. Take dietary supplements to cleanse your body from toxins and waste. The air, food and water nowadays are extremely polluted. Pectin health supplements are the most effective for detoxification. Regular consumption of pectin helps to eliminate heavy metals, pesticides, toxins and wastes from the organism. Pectin promotes the normalization of cholesterol level and improves digestion.

4. Spend more time in nature

Forest, sea, river, lake, mountains, park or field…. What is located nearby the place you live? Spending time in nature helps to restore strength, to find inspiration and to obtain a state of emotional balance.


5. Develop your creativity

Drawing, singing, handcrafts, dancing….  You have a big choice. Do the things that bring you maximum pleasure. Try something new! Creativity - is the ability to express yourself, to express your feelings and develop new talents. 

These simple actions will significantly improve your mood, raise energy tonus.

Enjoy your healthy, active life!



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