6 things that cancer cells favour, are you feeding them daily?





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Causes to cancer are mostly due to eating. Your favorite food may also be a cancer cell’s most preferred one.

According to the results of research on 135,000 people of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, USA, such lifestyle factors such as unhealthy diet and  smoking lead to cancer in  20% - 40% of cases.

1. Sugar

 Some say that the sugar "nourishes" cancer cells. Although this is not entirely accurate, but much sugar in the diet is actually related to cancer. Many studies have demonstrated that sugar increases the risk of cancer as well as increases levels of cancer metastasis.

The World Health Organization recommends that we should control the amount of daily sugar intake for about 50 grams, preferably it  should not exceed 25 grams.

2. Đồ nóng

Temperature of 65 degrees Celsius is the temperature of cancer (esophagus cancer, anorectal cancer). A new study shows that drinking hot drinks and eating food at a temperature of 65 degrees or more (such as coffee, tea ..) can lead to esophageal cancer.

The reason is because, too hot food will hurt the mucosa of the esophagus. In case  of eating foods with a high temperature for a long time, the mucosa will be chronically hurt, leading to chronic inflammation, thereby increasing the likelihood of cancer.

3. Processed meat

These foods such as dried fish, fish sauce, bacon, sausages have a very special flavor, but this food often contains a lot of nitrates, which can be converted into nitrites in the stomach,- then combined with food into amino nitrites, - which are substances that can lead to gastrointestinal cancers such as stomach cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer.

If you consume 50 grams of processed meat every day, you will increase the risk of stomach cancer by 18%. These meat  is cooked by marinated pickled method. Therefore we advise you to try to eat fresh foods and fresh fruit, and eat less processed foods.

4. Salty food

Salt is a "dangerous" spice. Eating too salty food leads to chronic damage of the gastric mucosa, then gradually increases susceptibility to carcinogens, leading to stomach cancer.

People who usually eat salty food, can eat more fruits that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C can help to prevent the synthesis of carcinogenic compounds from the salts.

5. Oil

According to a recent study, eating fatty foods, high in fat, and foods that contain high calorie content are hazardous factors leading to cancer, especially colon cancer.

Fried dishes, such as counters, donuts, fried tofu produce a lot of aren in the process of cooking.

You should limit eating fried foods, regular full complement of foods with needed fat ratio to balance, taking the good fat to metabolize fatty acids and grease!

6. Tobacco smoke

Smoking causes cancer,- is what has been recognized by the world. In addition, cooking fumes can also cause this disease. When cooking, housewives usually apply methods such as frying, using high temperatures to make the dish, even without knowing that this cooking method is easy to generate a lot of smoke and oil. The alkane  fumes containing in  the smoke from cooking,  may lead to cancer, adversely  affects the skin and also creates a risk of lung cancer.

So far, cancer is still a threat to human life, it is the most dangerous disease of the diseases. Cancer is like a seed, our body is like the soil. Seeds can germinate, grow, depends entirely on the ground. Therefore, we should actively improve health and conduct regular prevention, for not giving cancer the  soil to grow!

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