7 killing components contained in deodorants





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7 killing components contained in deodorant

About 80% of the population of Vietnam uses deodorants on a daily basis. However, doctors say that this seemingly harmless procedure can cause great harm to your health.

Some major heath threats are related to the ingredients that are contained in many hygiene products, including deodorants. At a certain concentration in the organism these chemical substances adversely affect the health.

Here is the list of 7 most dangerous ingredients that  are contained  in most deodorants.


Parabens – is  a very common ingredient, which has been used for the manufacture of cosmetic products and deodorants for more than 70 years. However, a study conducted in 2014 showed that the effects of parabens on the body can provoke the development of breast cancer.


It is believed that parabens can disrupt the hormonal balance of the body, mimicking the hormone estrogen, which plays an important role in cancer development.


Aluminum compounds act as a kind of "traffic jams", temporarily blocking the sweat glands and stop perspiration. However, some of these compounds can penetrate the skin and accumulate in the body.


Recent studies have shown that silicon can cause not only  allergic reactions, but it  also is a carcinogen - a component that causes numerous cases of cancer.


Triclosan is a component that is a potentially allergic and capable of causing contact dermatitis. FDA classifies triclosan as a pesticide, while some studies have shown that it has carcinogenic properties as well.

 Continuous use of cosmetics with triclosan leads to allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and cancer.


Asbestos fibers contained in talc make it carcinogenic. Moreover, the amount of asbestos fibers contained in deodorants, is not regulated, so is simply impossible to find out how dangerous a particular cosmetic product.

Propylene glycol

Another component that has a detrimental effect on the body -  is propylene glycol. It can cause severe allergic reactions and is considered a neurotoxin that can trigger serious and incurable liver and kidney diseases.


This component is not dangerous itself, but it often reacts with other ingredients, becoming a dangerous carcinogen.

We do not encourage you to discontinue the use of cosmetics, but we urge you to read the information about  its ingredients on the product labels carefully and to avoid buying potentially dangerous items.

The environment and even  usual things that we use daily are  saturated with all types of toxic chemicals. In the modern life we cannot exclude the possibility of being intoxicated. Therefore, we should cleanse the body regularly. On Vietnamese market currently is presented a high quality Ukrainian detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX , which effectively and gently eliminates heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, radionuclides and other chemicals from the body, preventing the development of numerous health problems,  like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, digestive disorders and cancer.

Be healthy!



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