7 simple habits that help you to prevent cancer





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1. Eat more vegetables

After analyzing the results of 19 major studies in the world, the US Journal of Gastroenterology recently announced that eating green vegetables has the potential to prevent cancer effectively. Specifically, the results from nearly 1.3 million patients worldwide during 60 years showed that people with a diet rich in green vegetables reduced the incidence of liver cancer to 0.72 times, compared to those who eat less green vegetables. Especially in daily diet, if you add 100g green leafy vegetables, the probability of liver cancer is reduced by 8%.

Green vegetables are said to be the leading food to prevent cancer because they contain many nutrients and vitamins which have anti-oxidant effects such as vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, zinc, selenium and other phytochemicals such as lutein, lycopene, isoflavon, flavonoids ...

2. Eat less red meat and processed meat

In the statement of  the World Health Organization (WHO) is said that eating processed meat (sausage, ham) and red meat (beef, pork , sheep ...) can increase the risk of colon cancer. 22 researchers from IRAC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO), analyzed 800 studies and confirmed that processed meat is  as harmful as smoking. IRAC experts estimate that each 50 grams of processed meat (sausage, dried beef, canned and smoked meat) that a person consumes in a day, can increase the risk of colon cancer by up to 18% .

The Neu5Gc molecule in red meat is believed to be responsible for cancer. When entering the body, these molecules are likely to get trapped in the tissues, causing the immune system to recognize them as a threat, thereby producing antibodies to prevent them. This repetitive situation causes chronic inflammation, increased the risk of tumor formation.

3. Limit alcohol and quit smoking

In our body, we have a special clean protein called 'detoxifying enzyme' that turns harmful chemicals into harmless. However, in smokers, this ability is usually less, as chemicals in cigarette smoke, such as cadmium, can destroy these enzymes. Smoking means inhaling 7,000 toxins and 69 carcinogens. Smoking increases the risk of at least 14 types of cancer such as lung cancer, larynx cancer, nasopharynx cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

A summary of recent studies on alcohol and cancer risk by the British Committee for Carcinogens (CoC) has also reinforced the conclusions about the significant relation between alcohol and cancer. Accordingly, drinking even small amounts of alcohol also increases the risk of some cancers compared to those who do not drink. The risk of alcohol-related cancers decreases over time from the moment of stopping alcohol consumption, but it can take years before the risk decreases to the level of normal people who never drink alcohol.

4. Limit sweet foods

Eating foods that contain sugar not only makes us gain weight and get diabetes, but it also increases the risk of cancer twice and it is very dangerous to human health.

Sugar is the preferred food of cancer cells. As each of us always has a number of pre-cancerous cells, if you eat a lot of sugar you will inadvertently breed these cells, giving cancer a chance to grow more easily.

5. Do exercises at least 30 minutes a day

Exercises help accelerate metabolism in cells, increase sweating, help to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. Regular exercises not only help you to manage your weight properly and limit fat accumulation in your body but also help you to prevent the development of some cancers. People who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of cancer than normal people.

6. Keep your mind at ease

Stress weakens immunity. The immune system plays an important role in the prevention of cancer by detecting abnormal cells and then repairing or destroying them to prevent them from developing into cancer cells. Stress makes the immune system weaker with no energy to protect the body. In addition, stress makes us eat uncontrollably, smoke and do not want to exercise, which can provoke cancer to develop. Stress-related jobs are associated with increasing the risk of lung, colon, rectum and stomach cancer.

7. Detoxify your body every day

Every day, we come in contact with a lot of toxins from the environment: from polluted air and food, from chemicals in the products which we use daily (cosmetics, shampoo, soap, cleansing liquids…). These toxins enter the body and accumulate gradually in our cells and tissues. Some toxins may accumulate in cells, causing them to mutate and cause cancer.

Obviously, we cannot control all toxins that enter our body. Therefore, frequent detoxification of your body is extremely necessary to maintain a healthy body.

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