9 Signs which prove that your body is poisoned





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Anyone can be infected, even poisoned each day by food, air, water, household items or even significantly deteriorate health by bad habits such as smoking, alcoholism or using low-quality cosmetics.

How can you find out if your body is "poisoned"?  The following article will share with you some indications as well as some simple detoxification methods that you can implement at home.

1. Increasing of abdominal fat

Too big  amount of body fat is not just about being fat, having a bad shape, but also is one of the signs that your body contains too many toxins. Due to the huge amount of toxins in the body, the ability to regulate glucose and cholesterol levels is inhibited. Poor metabolism also promotes fat accumulation. Of course, increased abdominal fat can also reflect that your lifestyle is irrational. This fat storage will adversely affect your health in many ways.

2. Bad skin

Skin problems such as rashes, dermatitis and folliculitis are signs that your body is eliminating toxins.

3. Headache

Headaches have many different causes, but severe food poisoning, drinking beverages containing stimulants are also the reasons that adversely affect the central nervous system and cause headaches.

4. Heat in the body

If your body feels hotter, it is a sign that your liver works harder to eliminate toxins.

5. Tiredness, lack of energy, exhaustion

Stressful job can make you feel tired and have a lack of energy, but it is also the usual sign of intoxication.

6. Snuffle, complicated breathing

Polluted air with a lot of dirt and waste makes bad effect on your sinus and respiratory organs.

7. Insomnia, sleeping difficulties, lack of  sleep

The toxins can be accumulated in body tissues and impede blood circulation, which results in  insomnia, sleeping difficulties and lack of sleep.

8. Problems with the gallbladder

Toxins accumulated in the liver in excessive amount  for a long time will negatively affect the gallbladder, which can lead to  cholecystitis.

9. Bad breath, white or yellow coated tongue

Bad breath, white or yellow coated tongue may be due to insufficient oral hygiene, however, chronic body intoxication also has this symptoms.

What should you do when you have such symptoms? Of course, the examination at the health center will help you to find how seriously your body is infected. Anyway, you should do the following things to detoxify your body.

- Have a bath in warm water a little of epsom salt to provide your body with minerals, as well as increase the amount of magnesium to support heavy metal reduction, detoxification at cellular level and release pain to your body. For the best result do it  3 times a week within 15 minutes. However, you should be careful if you have heart problems and high blood pressure.

- Drink 2-3 cups of green tea per day. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which will help you to eliminate toxins and free radicals. In particular, green tea has EGCG - a substance which is extremely effective in preventing lesions caused by toxins in the liver.

- Lemon contains vitamin C and it is also rich for antioxidants. Using lemon not only helps to strengthen the immune system but also supports liver detoxification, stimulates the liver secretes bile and supports digestive system in receiving and  absorbing minerals. Thus, do not forget a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon and a little honey every day.

In addition to the abovementioned methods, heaving healthy diet, restful sleep and physical activities will also help to strengthen your health and excrete toxins.



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