Air pollutants in a big city





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Air pollutants in a big city. Deadly toxins we can’t see

      Due to the data of Hanoi US Embassy, the  average Air Quality Index (AQI) is 192, which is unhealthy, and everyone begin to experience health effects. Doctors recommend to avoid activities outdoors and to stay away from roads, construction sites, open fires and other sources of smoke.

                   Air pollution in Hanoi 26.03.2019

                                  WHAT’S TOXIC IN THE AIR?

       Air pollutants are toxic particles suspended in the air that, during prolonged inhalation, cause many diseases and harm the human body.

Scientists made a test of the urban air and found excessive amounts of all the compounds that are mentioned below:

A person's nose inhales dust that contains arsenic,  beryllium, benzopyrene, sulfuric acid, and nickel which are  emitted with exhaust gases from cars and motorbikes. They freely enter lungs, and then are absorbed into the blood. They cause premature aging, death, acute respiratory diseases, etc.

Nitrogen oxides contained in exhaust fumes cause asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular diseases.

Arsenic is formed by the combustion of coal, oil, and glass production. Entering the body it violates the nervous and circulatory system, metabolism, causes paralysis, lung cancer.

Benzene is contained in large quantities in the air near waste refineries, gasoline engines and other air pollutants that cause leukemia.

Carbon monoxide is the most insidious poison gas, which has neither color nor odor. It is formed as a result of the combustion of gasoline, coal, and oil. So when you ride your bike and stay in the traffic jams you inhale   carbon dioxide in big amounts. It disrupts the cardiovascular and circulatory system, causes nausea, migraines, and at high concentrations can cause death.

Hydrocarbon is a gasoline pair that forms photochemical smog, so if you look out of the window and because fog and smog can’t clearly see far away objects, be sure that the air outside is contaminated by toxic Hydrocarbon.

Formaldehyde enters the air from the pipes of chemical plants, non-laminated chipboard furniture structures, from the engines of vehicles. It is the source of many diseases.

Hydrogen chloride appears as a result of the activities of waste processing and chemical industries. With prolonged inhalation irritates the lungs and eyes.

Hydrogen fluoride is a by-product in the production of glass and mineral fertilizers, causing irritation of the skin and mucous tissues.

Hydrogen sulfide is produced by oil refineries, cellulose enterprises, sewage treatment plants. It is a source of acute eye irritation.

Manganese is formed as a result of the activities of metallurgical plants, power plants and causes Parkinson's disease.

Nitric oxide enters the environment through vehicle emissions, combustion of coal and oil. It destroys the ozone layer of the earth, causing respiratory diseases.

Sulfur dioxide is formed by burning oil and coal. With prolonged exposure reduces the immune system and causes respiratory diseases.

Tobacco and cigarette smoke, even in passive smokers, causes lung cancer and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Household sprays (shoe creams, cleaning products, bleaches, household chemicals, deodorants, paint, building mixtures, etc.) are a source of carcinogens that cause systematic migraines, dizziness and nausea.

It is extremely dangerous to breathe such air without a protective face mask, but the mask can protect you only from 20% of pollutants that are in the air. The remaining part of toxic air is inhaled and all the deadly components are accumulated in lungs, blood and other body tissues causing incurable diseases.

                                     HOW TO SURVIVE?

To protect your health and the health of your children it is necessary to conduct a periodical body detox in order to decrease toxic overload of the body.

The National Institute of Occupational Health of Vietnam recommends to make 2-3 courses of body detox per year with a Ukrainian natural premium class detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX.

PECTIN COMPLEX effectively eliminates from the body all toxic chemical pollutants including heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and radio active substances. It’s vital to know that this product has a smart mechanism of action  - flushing out all toxic compounds, it remains untouched vitamins and essential minerals in the body, which is extremely important  for little children.

PECTIN COMPLEX has been used in Ukraine for more than 25 years and has received such a good reputation and people's trust because this product is 100% natural  and does not have contraindications and side effects, that’s why it is officially recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for all groups of population including little children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

An extraordinarily important fact for urban population is that detox with PECTIN COMPLEX is really easy and does not require any special regime or time costs and does not impose physical discomfort. You just take PECTIN COMPLEX during 1 months according to the recommended dosage indicated on the package and at the end of the month you feel:

  • Significant improvement of digestive functions
  • lightness in the body and fatigue even at the end of the working day
  • Regulated level of cholesterol and glucose in the blood
  • Appetite and weight normalization
  • Enhanced immunity system and virus resistance.

          Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!





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