Air pollution can kill even when it meets air quality guidelines, study finds





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How deadly is air pollution?

Due to CNN, even when air pollution is at levels below air quality guidelines and regulatory limits, it can still pose a hazard to public health, a new study finds.

In a 30-year analysis of 652 cities in 24 countries and regions on six continents, researchers found that increases in air pollution were linked to increases in related deaths. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was one of the largest international studies to look at the short-term impact of pollution as a cause of death, the researchers said. The analysis of air pollution data from 1986 through 2015 found there were increases in total deaths linked to exposure to inhalable particles and fine particles. There was an increase in pathologies of pregnancy and fetus development as well. The deaths were also from cardiovascular and respiratory problems linked to air pollution.

Prenatal exposure to air pollution linked to autism risk, study says

Particle pollution is the mix of solid and liquid droplets in the air, according. It can come in the form of dirt, dust, soot or smoke. It comes from coal- and natural gas-fired plants, cars, agriculture, unpaved roads and construction sites.

With higher levels of pollution, the faster people are dying, said Chris Griffiths, a professor of primary care at Queen Mary University of London.

"These are avoidable deaths. Most concerning is that deaths relating to pollution occur at levels below international recommended pollution limits," Griffiths told Science Media Centre.

Health effects of air pollution

A study in July 2019 found that long-term exposure to air pollution, especially ground-level ozone, is like smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day for many years and can cause problems such as emphysema. Another study found that it can also cause COPD and age lungs faster. Air pollution also increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

Exposure to air pollution causes thousands premature deaths in Vietnam.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is linked to 7 million premature deaths worldwide annually. Here is a breakdown by the diseases air pollution causes:

· 40% – ischaemic heart disease

· 40% – stroke

· 11% – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

· 6% - lung cancer

· 3% – acute lower respiratory infections in children

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