Allergy in school children: treat it carefully and safely





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When children start going to school, they are given pocket money, which they often spend on unhealthy snacks, sweet drinks like Cola; chips and crisps. Fast food is a powerful source that contains a lot of preservatives, dyes, chemical additives. In the children's body, their concentration quickly reaches a critical level, therefore, the food, oversaturated with preservatives, is a direct way to the development of allergies.

Of course, parents should prepare their children for starting an independent school life and explain them what food is healthy and safe and what is not, but the child has too many temptations. Moreover, allergies can occur from other external factors - dust, atmospheric emissions, animal hair, pollen of plants.

Allergic skin rash           

If a child has lacrimation, sneezing, itching, atopic dermatitis, running nose, redness of the eyes,- you can be sure that all these are allergy symptoms. If you eliminate the amount of allergen in the child’s body, then the symptoms of the disease will disappear. But the problem is that the immunity of the child will remember this allergen and its re-entry into the body can cause a strong, and sometimes deadly, reaction. That's why you should take the disease seriously, and treat it carefully.

The risk of using antihistamines by children

Usually all allergic reaction in children and adults are treated by antihistamines, which are available in various forms: tablets, syrups and drops. Their principle of action is based on blocking histamine receptors. Thus, the symptoms of the disease decrease. But, it is important to know that besides the hormone of histamine, more than 200 biologically active substances can provoke an allergic reaction. It should also be emphasized that antihistamines do not treat the disease, but only relieve its manifestations, which leads to a temporary improvement of the patient's state of health.

Antihistamines are often prescribed to alleviate allergy symptoms in children. Treatment must be compulsory conducted under the supervision of a doctor. It is forbidden to give these drugs to the child without doctor’s control.

The alarming fact is that antihistamines have a large number of side effects. They are forbidden to  be taken by pregnant and lactating women. Children are also prescribed antihistamines with caution.

Antihistamines are not safe for children and can cause side effects. The most widely common side effects are a decrease in muscle tone, sleep disorder, dizziness, falling blood pressure, toxic effect on the liver, increased heart beat frequency, anaphylactic shock and others.

As for children, all the side effects of antihistamines are aggravated by rapid metabolism. In addition, their use has a detrimental effect on the brain activity of a growing child. So, the use of antihistamines in infancy can lead to a delay in intellectual development and inhibition of brain activity. Antihistamines also slow mental development of adolescents, inhibit their mental reactions lead to distraction. Naturally, such a state of the child does not benefit  the child’s progress at school and trainings.

In addition, antihistamines have a wide range of contraindications, including a stomach ulcer, bladder obstruction, vascular system diseases. These drugs have a sedative, hypnotic effect and an effect of overwhelming consciousness.

Natural sorbent is the only viable solution

When choosing a safe remedy for allergies for your child, doctors recommend to use a modern enterosorbent PECTIN COMPLEX. It binds and eliminates from the body various harmful substances, toxins, allergens and pathogenic microflora. PECTIN COMPLEX is produced in Ukraine; has undergone multiple clinical studies in laboratory conditions, which proved the safety and effectiveness of this health supplement for children and adults. It has no side effects.

In a simple analogy, one can compare the effects of antihistamines with poor house cleaning, when we wipe the dust only in the center of the room, leaving it in the corners and behind the sofa. Thus, we deceive ourselves and continue to breathe the remains of dust. This principle is also used for antihistamine preparations. But PECTIN COMPLEX eliminates  absolutely all toxic substances from the body without remains. It is important to highlight the fact that it does not affect the healthy intestinal microflora and does not excrete calcium. PECTIN COMPLEX does not contain colorants and preservatives. Therefore,  it can be used by everybody, even the most vulnerable groups of patients.

PECTIN COMPLEX is recommended to take 3 times a day after meals, according to the instructions for use, with plenty of water. For preventive purposes, you need to take PECTIN COMPLEX by courses lasting 1 months. It is necessary to conduct 2-3 detoxification courses a year. If the allergy is seasonal, it is best to take 1 course of PECTIN COMPLEX shortly before the expected period of allergic reactions. This preventive measure will reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergies in the child.

PECTIN COMPLEX is the right solution for support treatment of allergies in your children!

The scope of application of PECTIN COMPLEX is huge. If until now you have not heard about this detox health supplement, it's time to start taking it and make sure how effective and useful it is.

Every day we receive hundreds of positive feedback from our satisfied customers. We are very pleased with this fact and are very happy to know that our product helps so many people. You can read the feedbacks about PECTIN COMPLEX in the menu "Feedbacks" on our website.



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