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Customers’ questions about PECTIN COMPLEX and other products for body detox were answered by the Ukrainian infectious disease specialist of the highest category, MD Irina Bobrova (Chief Physician of the Center for Family Medicine of the ULC, Chief Infectionist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

MD Irina Bobrova         


- What are sorbents (detox products) from a medical point of view today?

MD Irina Bobrova: - Mankind has been using sorbents (means to cleanse the body) for several millennia.

In the modern world, sorbents – product for body detox  are widely used in modern medicine. The simplest and most popular method of treatment with sorbents through oral administration is called "enterosorption", that is, detoxification of the body - the elimination of harmful substances. In fact, it means eliminating hazardous  substances from the body

- Why is it necessary to take sorbents (conduct body detox) for everyone?

Irina Bobrova: You should detox to restore and protect the body. Enterosorbents are widely used to absorb, neutralize and eliminate  toxic compounds from the body. Natural enterosorbents, for example PECTIN COMPLEX, bind toxic compounds in the digestive tract with their subsequent evacuation from the body.

- How do enterosorbents work? How does detox happen?

MD Irina Bobrova: Enterosorbents “work” and bind harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract, followed by their removal from the body. At the same time, an ideal enterosorbent should have 3 main qualities:

1. Be non-toxic to humans.

2. Be able to evacuate well and quickly from  the intestines.

3. Possess high sorption activity in relation to toxins, bacteria and other pathological substances.

In addition, as they pass through the intestines, the bound components must not be reabsorbed into the blood or disturb the normal microclimate (pH).

- In pharmacies, there are many different enterosorbents (detox products). What is the difference between them and how to choose the best?

MD Irina Bobrova: Modern enterosorbents differ in a number of signs - in form, in chemical structure, in sorption potential and spectrum of action.

As for the form, they are available in the form of granules, powder, tablets and capsules. Enterosorbents also differ in chemical structure. They can be :

• coal - based on activated carbon

• herbal and plant based products, containing pectin.

Pectin-containing enterosorbents of excellent quality and  clinically proven high efficiency are produced by the Ukrainian Scientific and Production Enterprise  Technologica - it specializes in the development and manufacture of sorbents with improved characteristics. Their sorbent that has received a global recognition is PECTIN COMPLEX.

A very important characteristic of enterosorbents is sorption capacity and activity - the amount of substances that it can absorb per unit of its mass. It largely determines the result of treatment.


- What are natural sorbents?

MD Irina Bobrova: Natural sorbents are called detox products based on natural components. The aphorism known in medical circles says: “Nature is the most wonderful doctor,  because it cures three quarters of all illnesses and never speaks bad about its colleagues” (V. Cherbullier).

A classic example of a natural sorbent is PECTIN COMPLEX. It is an  effective sorbent based on highly purified modified medical grade  sugar beet pectin and apple pectin obtained from environmentally friendly raw materials - sugar beets and apples grown in the most environmentally clean  areas of Ukraine. The production of PECTIN COMPLEX does not include any chemical transformations of the feedstock and consists mainly in the activation of the healing potential with subsequent purification.

PECTIN COMPLEX differs from other sorbents in a significantly larger sorption resource, and provides a more prolonged action throughout the entire stay in the gastrointestinal tract.

- Which sorbents ( detox products ) help to cope with poisoning faster?

MD Irina Bobrova: In case of poisoning, the main task is to eliminate  toxins from the body as quickly as possible, because toxins are the main cause of  digestive  disorders. Moreover, sometimes a person does not know what exactly he was poisoned with. Therefore, in a home or travel first-aid kit there should always be a sorbent that has three basic properties, or, figuratively speaking, is a “three in one sorbent”:

1) It must be strong, that is, have great sorption potential;

2) universal - able to bind various toxic molecules of different sizes;

3) safe for humans – it must be able as quickly as possible excrete from the body  with toxins captured.

Intake of PECTIN COMPLEX will save you from the consequences of environmental problems – it gently and effectively eliminate  radionuclides, salts of heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and  restore immunity. It is recommended to repeat preventive courses of body cleansing with PECTIN COMPLEX 2-4 times a year.

Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!




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