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Customers’ questions about PECTIN COMPLEX and other sorbents were answered by the Ukrainian infectious disease specialist of the highest category, MD Irina Bobrova (Chief Physician of the Center for Family Medicine of the ULC, Chief Infectionist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

MD Irina Bobrova


- What are the indications for use of detox products?

MD Irina Bobrova: Indications for taking sorbents are quite wide, since toxins from our body must be eliminated not only in case of acute poisoning, but also in case if  almost all diseases and pathological conditions, accompanied by weakness, fever, nausea, diarrhea, and general malaise.

 (Detox products) are recommended: for support treatment of  acute and chronic damage to the liver and kidneys, acute intestinal infections, dysfunctions and bloating, allergic, autoimmune and oncological diseases. They are able to remove excess cholesterol and "harmful lipids" from the body.

- Is the use of  sorbents (detox products) permitted for children?

MD Irina Bobrova: Yes, it is permitted, however, you should pay attention to age. The use of sorbents, for example, PECTIN COMPLEX in tablet form is allowed for children over  3 years old. For babies up to 3 years old,  tablets should be dissolved in water, or in other drinks or liquid food.

- Is it possible to combine taking sorbents with taking other medicines?

MD Irina Bobrova: Sure. According to the instructions for use of most sorbents, the interval between their intake and the intake of other drugs should be 1.5-2 hours.

- There is a belief  that sorbents (detox) help relieve hangover syndromes, is that true?

MD Irina Bobrova:  It’s truth. The cause of the hangover syndrome is the accumulation in the body of toxic substances formed during the breakdown of alcohol. And in case of a hangover, it is necessary first of all to eliminate  toxic agents from the body, and then treat the secondary symptoms - malaise, headache or high blood pressure.

- Can sorbents (detox) help to lose weight?

MD Irina Bobrova:  The problem of overweight is becoming increasingly relevant throughout the world. There are many reasons: poor nutrition with a lot of fats and easily digestible carbohydrates, poor-quality fast food, improper eating habits and low physical activity. To normalize weight and feel good, you need to take sorbents.  When the person is overweight, occurs the accumulation of toxins, commonly called "slag" as well as fat,  that’s why it is highly recommended to take sorbents to decrease the toxic load on the body.

- Can pregnant women use sorbents and detox? Can detox help with toxicosis?

MD Irina Bobrova: It is well known that pregnant women should be prescribed only the  drugs and health supplements  that are safe for the woman and the fetus. Accordingly, use only natural sorbent PECTIN COMPLEX in accordance with the recommended dosage is not only permitted, but is officially recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for pregnant and breastfeeding women for prevention of obstetric complications in pregnant women.


- Is it recommended to use detox products  for people prone to food allergies?

MD Irina Bobrova:  Allergens are toxic substances in the body that cause a painful process of itching, irritation, etc. Entesorbents are the products aimed to cleanse the intestines and the entire  body of toxic food allergens,  - then the patient recovers. In the treatment of any allergy, I necessarily and mandatory prescribe sorbents, they significantly boost the process of recovery  of the patient.

- How do you see the new prospects for the use of enterosorbents?

MD Irina Bobrova:   I personally widely use enterosorbents in the complex treatment of parasitoses - the pathology caused by parasites - worms, giardia and others. The fact is that parasites and their toxins are strong allergens for the human body and allergic symptoms often prevail in the clinical picture. Enterosorbents should be prescribed even at the preparatory stage - they not only prepare the body for taking antiparasitic drugs, but also increase the effectiveness of treatment - they quickly cleanse the body of parasites, their waste products and decay.

Enterosorbents have very great prospects for reducing the negative effects and adverse reactions of chemotherapy in the treatment of autoimmune and oncological pathologies. They can improve tolerance and reduce the negative effects of antiviral therapy in the treatment of viral diseases - herpes viruses, chronic viral hepatitis B and C. I am familiar with scientific papers on the positive effect of highly active sorbents on immunity.

 PECTIN COMPLEX is especially recommended for people who have allergies. According to statistics,  20-25% of the adult population and 20-40% of the world's children suffer from allergic diseases, which is the result of environmental problems. Just imagine:  60000 harmful toxic substances, constantly enter and poison human body.

In recent years, the so-called "environmental medicine" has developed. Most diseases today are caused by contamination of the body  with radionuclides, heavy metals and  pesticides. The body is oversaturated with toxic substances received from the outside, and toxins, which are formed as a product of internal processes in conditions of impaired metabolism. Accordingly, immune dysfunction or immunodeficiency occurs, against which various viral infections and bacterial complications “cling” easily and endlessly.

Therefore, scientists come to the conclusion that without the use of sorbents (detox products), almost no disease can be treated, since without the removal of toxic products all treatment methods are either weakly effective or generally ineffective. Thus, the use of sorbents has proven to be very useful in support treatment of  dozens of diseases: immune and autoimmune; allergic chronic hepatitis; pancreatitis; kidney damage,  lesions of the nervous system and others.

Intake of PECTIN COMPLEX will save you from the consequences of environmental problems – it gently and effectively eliminates  radionuclides, salts of heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and  restore immunity. It is recommended to repeat preventive courses of body cleansing with PECTIN COMPLEX 2-4  times a year.

                Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!




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