Be careful when you usually have boils, constipation, bad breath





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When such symptoms, as constipation, unhealthy complexion and rough skin often appear, be careful because these are the signs that the body is accumulating too many toxins.

Kinds of toxins in the body


Toxins are usually divided into two types: internal (endogenous) toxins and exogenous toxins.

Internal toxins are caused due to accumulation of free radicals, cholesterol, fat and waste. Exogenous toxins appear due to air pollution, food preservatives and exceeded heavy metal content in cosmetics and food, etc.

If these toxins are not properly excreted, they will accumulate day by day, causing a wide range of serious illnesses and reducing the quality of life and health.

1. The body is often tired and sluggish

Frequent eating food which is high in fat and protein, makes it possible to accumulate more toxins in the body. This disorder disturbs carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body, making us always feel exhausted, have lack of strength and sometimes sweat profusely, suffer from joint pain and dyspnea during any activity...

2. Acne, skin rash and dark spots

Toxins and bacteria that are always found on our skin, contribute to the blockage of pores and follicles. When the follicles of the skin are blocked, acne and other imperfections develop.

Unhealthy eating habits and activities, stress, endocrine disorders gradually deteriorate the functions of internal organs, especially the function of liver, kidneys, and affect the blood circulation, leading to itch, rash and unhealthy complexion.

3. Frequent constipation


The secretion pathway is one of the most important ways to eliminate toxins from the body. If the body cannot excrete feces within 3 days, the toxins are absorbed back into the body and poison the body. It causes abdominal discomfort, impairs all body functions and decreases the resistance of the body to viruses and other diseases, causes bad breath and boils.

4. Bad breath


According to traditional medicine, bad breath occurs due to the accumulation of toxins in  lungs and digestive system.

Bad breath is one of the alarming symptoms that digestive system is not functioning well, it is often caused by excessive  consumption of too spicy food, fried or grilled meat and fish and overeating.

To keep your body healthy, besides maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, it is important to detoxify your body with a high quality, effective and safe remedies in order to eliminate all toxins from your body in time.

The superior detox solution for the body from Ukraine

Leading scientists from the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences have developed a completely natural health-food product, called PECTIN COMPLEX more 20 years ago, with the original purpose of treating the victims of Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. PECTIN COMPLEX with 2 main components - sugar beet pectin and apple pectin is the preparation with excellent absorption ability.

Unlike other sorbents, PECTIN COMPLEX absorbs molecules of toxins of different size and origin (bacteria, allergens, heavy metals, toxins of viruses). While other sorbents have a limited spectrum of action, as they collect harmful substances only of a certain size. But the advantage of PECTIN COMPLEX is that it has an ability to bind molecules of different size and mass (small, medium and large), forms insoluble complexes with them and then removes them all from the intestines, not letting them to absorb in the bloodstream. This property explains the widespread use of PECTIN COMPLEX in support treatment for various diseases.


In the gastrointestinal tract PECTIN COPLEX binds various harmful compounds: toxins, allergens, viruses, bacteria, then removes them naturally from the body. PECTIN COMPLEX also binds cholesterol and bile acids in the intestines, thereby protecting blood vessels. In addition, it improves lipid composition of blood protecting from atherosclerosis and hypertension. PECTIN COMPLEX consists only of natural ingredients - beet and apple pectin and vitamin complex; it does not contain dyes, preservatives, flavoring chemical additives, does not injure the gastrointestinal tract and does not violate the pH environment.

PECTIN COMPLEX is recommended for use by Europe's leading healthcare professionals as a health supplement for the whole family. The product was approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for a wide use in accordance with Decision No. 887 from 30th November 2009, as a precautionary measure for ecological dependent diseases. PECTIN COMPLEX does not have any side effects and is safe for pregnant women and children over 3 years of age.



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