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      PECTIN COMPLEX is a Ukrainian detox product consisting of highly purified pharmaceutical grade sugar beet pectin and apple pectin. It’s unique technology of manufacturing was developed and patented by talented Ukrainian scientists to assist the body to eliminate dangerous heavy metals from body’s organs and systems. The study conducted on 160,000 children who were exposed to radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear power explosion, showed that application of pectin reduces the level of radiation in the bodies of children by 30 to 40 %. 

      If you live in areas that are highly contaminated with heavy metals or radiation, it is important that you and your family start using PECTIN COMPLEX today to reduce risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

                          PECTIN COMPLEX IS FAMOUS WORDWIDE FOR:

1. Elimination of Heavy metals:

    As a strong antidote, PECTIN COMPLEX eliminates such dangerous heavy metals as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Tin in the body of people who work and live in severely polluted areas and regularly consume food and water that contains toxic compounds. 

2. Digestive function regulation:

    PECTIN COMPLEX helps to improve functions of digestive system. It improves peristalsis, regulates frequency and quality of stool,that is especially important for people of elderly age and little children. Apple pectin also covers intestinal walls and prevents development of gastritis and ulcer.

3. Cholesterol reduction:

     PECTIN COMPLEX has been proven to increase the level of cholesterol by increasing levels of HDL good cholesterol (Journal of Nutrition Research and Food). HDL cholesterol extracts bad cholesterol, or LDL from the arteries and distances from the artery wall, then puts it to the liver where it is processed and removes from the body. Pectin, a soluble fiber, also works by linking cholesterol to bile acids and eliminates them from the body.

     A 2015 scientific study showed that pectin has a curative effect on human body. In people with lipid metabolic disorders, PECTIN COMPLEX helps to decrease total cholesterol and LDL and then gradually lipid balance is restored.

4. Prevent and reduce symptoms of diabetes:

    Some studies on insulin-dependent and non-dependent diabetic patients has shown that pectin reduces blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal of carbohydrates (Tunadi 1990; Levitt 1980; Kanterl 1980). Results were compared to studies with healthy volunteers (Jenkins 1980; Holt 1979; Sahi 1985).

5. Weight control:

    Pectin can also helps people to consume fewer calories. Researchers at Konkuk University in Korea have tested the effects of pectin intake for healthy but overweight women. Results showed that women who took pectin twice a day, consumed  12 % less calories than usual at lunchtime and 22% less  calories at dinner (Journal of Clinical Nutrition USA, December 2007).

6. Anti-cancer properties:

    Animal studies in vitro and clinical trials in humans have proven the effectiveness of application of  pectin for prevention and support treatment of cancer in the reduction of solid tumor growth, metastasis and angiogenesis of blood. Pectin reduces the risk of colon cancer by making colon environment less toxic (Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food, September 2010). 

     Having gel consistency, Pectin is a useful agent for delivering cancer drugs, according to Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. According to the journal “Biomacromolecules” 12/2010, an oxidized pectin is forming gel and retaining anti-cancer drugs in the area of ​​the tumor, allowing to prolong its medical therapeutic effect.  

     As a soluble fiber, pectin  increases the transit time of food through the digestive tract, stool bulk, excretion of bile acids and short chain fatty acid production. It undergoes fermentation in the colon for nearly 100%. This fermentation process leads to the creation of short-chain fatty acids. Short chain fatty acids are the main energy source of the colon, and reduce the pH of the colon protecting it against colon cancer.

 7. Anti-inflammatory action:

   Pectin reduces inflammation associated with intestinal diseases by reducing inflammation antibody production (Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food, 2010).

8. The other medical applications:

     Pectin has characteristics allowing human cells associate with it and grow. Physiologist Arland T. Hotchkiss demonstrated that pectin has prebiotic properties. Prebiotics are undigested food components that help to boost the growth of beneficial bacteria that prevent the growth of pathogens that cause diseases of digestive tract.

    The power to change the health of your family is in your hands. Order PECTIN COMPLEX today and start helping to ensure a healthier and happier life for those you love!

                  Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!



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