Pectin Technology Co., Ltd offers free treatment to 378 lead poisoning kids





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Pectin Technology Limited Company together with NIOEH and Health Center of Hung Yen province on the 13th of November 2015 had a meeting where they discussed the details of the big forthcoming charitable Governmental program of treatment of children living in Dong Mai hamlet who suffer from lead poisoning. 

In terms of this program, Pectin Technology Limited Company will donate the necessary amount of detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX for treatment of 378 children from lead intoxication.


Dong Mai Village, in Vietnam is the site of a severe epidemic of lead poisoning.

The cause of the elevated blood lead levels is decades of informal car battery processing in the village. 90% of households in Dong Mai village earn for life by reprocessing lead from old batteries, making lead dust spread into environment, area, soil and water sources.

The issue of lead intoxication of the residents of Dong Mai village is complicated by the low awareness and ignorance of the local people about the health risks from the home craft lead reprocessing. 

Many residents in this village of about 2,600 people, like Mr. Bùi Văn Long and his grandsons, suffer chronic illnesses related to lead poisoning. 


“I have stomachaches frequently and I have to visit many hospitals for check ups,” says Mr. Bùi. “Many of my neighbors and their children have similar symptoms and have to be hospitalized. Some suffer repeated stomachaches only two to three days after being discharged from the hospital. We never knew the real reason for our pain.”

Residents of villages like Dong Mai often refuse to take precautions and to protect themselves and their families from lead exposure, while massively recycling car batteries. Low-income families are at a great risk in Hung Yen province, because they cannot afford adequate medical services for prevention and treatment of lead poisoning.

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam on the pollution level in Dong Mai found that: 

  • The latest report of the Ministry of Health showed that 97 % of 500 examined children in Dong Mai Village were found w
  • ith lead concentration in their blood higher than 3-7 times the permitted level.
  • Lead concentration in the air is 3.5-10 times higher than the permitted level.
  • Lead concentration in vegetables and meat is 4.6 times higher.
  • The amount of lead in water is 1,000 times higher than the permitted level.


According to the World Health Organization, lead is a cumulative, highly toxic heavy metal that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children from 2 – 6 years old, severely affecting mental and physical development, developing intellectual disabilities and cardiovascular issues.

Due to the results of examination, adults are also exposed to lead poisoning and experience negative health effects such as high blood pressure and kidney damage.

High level of lead in blood of pregnant women can cause frequent miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and low birth weight of the baby.


Pectin Technology Limited Company will provide children of Hung Yen province, who have the most elevated lead blood levels a health detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX for total cleansing of the body from toxic heavy metals, particularly lead.

The main ingredient of PECTIN COMPLEX is beet pectin, which has very strong ability to collect, bind and eliminate heavy metals from the organism without removing essential minerals. Also the preparation regulates metabolism and functions of the digestive system, strengthens the immune system.

PECTIN COMPLEX was developed and has been successfully used for already more than 20 years in Ukraine, this product is also approved for pregnant and lactating women and for children.

During the period of treatment of children in Hung Yen province which will last for 2 months, the children and parents - the participants of the Governmental lead detoxification program will be provided with the support of local doctors, who will hold regular health checks and 2 lead blood tests for children for monitoring the reduction of the lead content in the blood.

At the end of the lead detoxification program, the results about the efficiency of PECTIN COMPLEX for lead elimination will be published in the special report of the Ministry of health of Vietnam.

Throughout the duration of the support treatment of Dong Mai children from lead intoxication, the Ukrainian Institute of Occupational Medicine will provide Vietnamese health care specialists with the necessary advice and share their vast experience in reducing the effects of the heavy metal explosion.

Our company is happy to give children of Dong Mai a chance to live a healthy and happy life!



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