1. Helps to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, radio nuclides, pesticides and other chemical pollutants.
  2. Used in complex treatment of chronic and acute chemical intoxications, food and alcohol poisonings.
  3. Regulates the level of  cholesterol in blood, helps to improves peripheral blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Regulates the level of glucose in the blood, helps to prevents diabetes.
  5. Improves the functions of digestive system and regulates intestinal microflora.
  6. Regulates metabolism, has hepatoprotective and soft choleretic properties.
  7. Used in complex treatment of allergic and skin diseases.
  8. Prevention of obstetric complications in pregnant women.
  9. Promotes healthy weight loss.
  10. Significantly strengthens the immune system and eliminates  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  11. Has an anti-age effect.
  12. Used in the complex treatment and prevention of cancer, reduces the side effects of treatment with antibiotics and chemotherapy, increases the absorption of medicines, providing their prolonged effect.