Dioxin poisoning





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Environment in Vietnam is still recovering from the damage caused by the hostilities in  the1970s, with the participation of US troops. 80 million liters of defoliant "Agent Orange were sprayed above the southern provinces for the destruction of vegetation in the jungle in order to combat the guerrillas. The main ingredient of "Agent Orange" is dioxin, the most dangerous poison ever created by man.

Many Vietnamese died from poisoning or tumor diseases that were caused by dioxin, many people suffered from incurable skin and ophthalmic diseases. Many babies were born with severe disabilities.


The herbicide "Agent Orange" is a chemical substance which refers to a group of defoliants (lat. de - to remove; and folium - leaf) was developed to remove leaves from the plants. 95% of the leaves fall off, the rest dry up.  

"Agent Orange" brought death, turning fertile regions into the "dead zone". The Vietnamese had to stay for weeks in shelters because of American bombing. When they went outside, the trees around were already without leaves.  

A defoliant, like other pesticides is a poison, which has a detrimental effect on the gene pool of humanity. So far many children are born with different kinds of congenital physical and mental pathologies. Especially a lot of disabled people in remoted villages in the Mekong River Basin have an increased risk of cancer.  

In Vietnam, there are approximately 4.8 million of victims of this toxic substance. There is still a large number of people who have become disabled due to the fact that their parents and grandparents, suffered from dioxin intoxication.

Spraying chemicals in Vietnam ended in 1971, but ​​6000 sorties were made by that time.  And the result is a sharp increase in stillbirths, hereditary diseases.

No one can feel safe, because dioxin remains in soil and water for many years. Canadian researchers took samples of soil, water and fish. They have found that the concentration of dioxin in the affected area was 13 times exceeding permitted limits.  

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