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A highly effective product PECTIN COMPLEX has been known by Ukrainian customers for more than 25 years. During this time, it  established itself  as an indispensable remedy for chronic intoxications and acute poisonings of different origin. Many people choose PECTIN COMPLEX when looking for a sorbent. And not in vain, because this health supplement is truly indispensable as a first aid for food,  chemical, alcohol and infectious poisonings. But do you know about all the functions of this multifunctional product? It's time to expand the boundaries of your knowledge about the unique health supplement  PECTIN COMPLEX because it is able to  fight successfully  not only with intoxications and allergies. Discovering PECTIN COMPLEX for real, you will learn how to use it to carry out complex cleansing of the body from  toxins, improve the skin of the face, restore the defenses of the body and even overcome the hangover syndrome.

The principle of action of PECTIN COMPLEX is universal and simple at the same time

How it works: PECTIN COMPLEX belongs to the group of enterosorbents. So, it performs two main functions - sorption and detoxification. Simply put, PECTIN COMPLEX finds and binds the harmful substances and microorganisms present in the body, envelopes them, and removes them from the body  in a natural way.

What is the distinguishing feature  of the sorbent: PECTIN COMPLEX among other  sorbents has a very high rate of sorption capacity.

What does it include: sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, a vitamin complex consisting of 13 vitamins. There are no sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, gluten, caffeine and flavor enhancers in the composition of PECTIN COMPLEX.

Who can use PECTIN COMPLEX: the health supplement  is recommended to people of all ages, pregnant and lactating women.

How it looks: PECTIN COMPLEX is produced in two types of packaging - 120 tables. in the  box (the course for an adult for 10 days) and 360 tables in the box (course for an adult for 30 days). So, the box containing  120 tablets, you can always carry with you in your purse, also it is more convenient to take with you on travels, but  for home use a packing containing 360 tablets will be more convenenient.

PECTIN COMPLEX quickly and safely helps to cope with diarrhea

Do not underestimate such ailment as diarrhea. Especially when it concerns children. The causes of this disease can be a great many. But as a first aid for the first signs of diarrhea, take PECTIN COMPLEX, it will deduce the maximum possible number of pathogens that have the  cause of diarrhea.

PECTIN COMPLEX removes nausea in pregnancy toxicosis

When we talk about toxicosis of pregnant women, we are dealing with signs of intoxication. During the gestation of a baby, a woman experiences increased sensitivity to many substances coming in from outside: allergens, toxins, bacteria. If they accumulate too much, the future mother feels bouts of nausea.

And here to help a pregnant woman will come PECTIN COMPLEX. Even a single use of this health supplement  will improve the state of  health of a pregnant woman, reducing the symptoms of intoxication. PECTIN COMPLEX has a pleasant smell and taste, and therefore will not cause a negative body reaction.

Besides for  toxicosis, pregnant women can safely use  PECTIN COMPLEX  in case of food poisoning. This health  supplement eliminates the  symptoms of the disease and at the same time does not have a negative impact on the health and development of the fetus.

PECTIN COMPLEX  is an  effective and reliable product for  allergies in children

Doctors have learnt how to cope with such  frequent, unpleasant childhood illnesses as  colic, constipation or colds. But allergy, especially children, still remains the subject of scientific and medical disputes.

If you notice that your child has such symptoms as  lacrimation, sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin, you are almost certainly dealing with an allergy. First of all, you need to distinguish  the allergen  and prevent its further penetration into the body. At the same time, it is necessary to remove as soon as possible the harmful substance that has already entered the body and reduce the symptoms.

PECTIN COMPLEX successfully copes with the cause of allergies of various origins. The health supplement effectively  binds  the molecules of allergens, neutralizes their effect, preventing absorption into the blood from the gastrointestinal tract and eliminates them from the body in the short term.

If your baby has already experienced allergic symptoms before , then, it may be a chronic course of the disease. In this case, during the year for preventive purposes it is desirable to conduct several courses of reception of PECTIN COMPLEX.

The safety of PECTIN COMPLEX for the child's organism is confirmed by appropriate studies.

 PECTIN COMPLEX will help you to bounce back after a tumultuous party

The fact that PECTIN COMPLEX is truly universal and capable of repelling the most different ailments can be seen by everyone who at least once became a victim of an alcoholic party. Naturally, if you drink moderately, you will not need help for the morning. But if you exceed your own limit or overdo it with a variety of drinks, then as a result you can have a hangover syndrome. And who wants to suffer from headaches, nausea, thirst, lethargy and confusion?

There is a proven health supplement that not only fights, but also prevents the very fact of the onset of a hangover. And we are again talking about PECTIN COMPLEX! Its mechanism of action can effectively cope with alcohol intoxication.

Naturally, any alcohol our body perceives as a poison and tries to get rid of it as soon as possible. Sorbent  helps to do this faster . It removes the symptoms of intoxication, which is due to the acceleration of metabolism and rapid removal of harmful toxins. Thus, PECTIN COMPLEX for a short period of time is able to  restore health and  efficiency of the person.

In order to completely prevent hangover syndrome, it is enough to take care in advance and to take a  single dose of  PECTIN COMPLEX  1 hour before the festive event, then before going to bed, and to achieve maximum effect -  take it in the morning.

By the way, it is important that PECTIN COMPLEX not only removes unpleasant symptoms, but also has a beneficial effect on the organs of detoxification. In particular, it helps the liver to fight the elimination of toxins, thereby reducing the load on it.

Simply put, the best way to fight a hangover, than a dietary supplement PECTIN COMPLEX, has not been found yet.

Main  features of  PECTIN COMPLEX are reliability, efficiency and naturalness.

The health supplement  for the whole family will quickly cope with:

  • various forms of intestinal infections and poisonings;
  • allergic reactions of any origin (including medicinal);
  • poisoning with alcohol breakdown products;
  • diarrhea;
  • ARVI (use in complex therapy);
  • complex body detoxification;
  • skin problems (dermatitis, itching);
  • improvement of  the digestive system;
  • -normalization of the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

5 undeniable reasons to choose PECTIN COMPLEX:

Effectiveness. The product has very high sorption capacity and begins to positively affect the body within a few minutes after its use.

Multifunction. PECTIN COMPLEX is successfully used for the support treatment of a wide range of diseases, aslo used in dietetics. Its efficacy is confirmed by more than 100 medical studies. It easily replaces half the first-aid kit!

Wide audience. Due to the absence of contraindications and side effects, the sorbent is prescribed for adults, pregnant and breast feeding women and children.

Naturalness. The preparation contains only natural, organic components.

Security. The quality of PECTIN COMPLEX  is guaranteed by the sanitary standards of the Ministries of Health of Ukraine and Vietnam.

If you still do not keep PECTIN COMPLEX  in your home medicine cabinet for some reason, then it's time to correct this. Customers who take PECTIN COMPLEX regularly, call it a  " healer for all occasions" and invariably make a choice in favor of this multifunctional sorbent among others.

PECTIN COMPLEX is a modern sorbent with a wide spectrum of action that binds harmful substances and removes them from the body. PECTIN COMPLEX is used for diseases such as acute and chronic poisonings, allergies, diarrhea.




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