Do I need to cleanse the body?





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Doctors with extensive experience assert that a  timely, complex body cleaning at the cellular level is necessary for everyone, especially in the autumn-spring period.

When people are getting older, the metabolism slows down, in addition with the abuse of chemical medications, alcohol and junk food, the work of the internal organs and systems become unstable, as a result of which many health problems can appear. In such cases, a comprehensive cleaning of the body is needed immediately.

Signs indicating the need for detoxification:

If you have at least 2 of these symptoms, your body needs detoxification:

• unpleasant smell from the mouth (bad breath), even after thorough and regular cleaning of teeth

• unpleasant body odor before and after taking a bath

• colic in the stomach, frequent abdominal distention

• frequent migraine attacks

• bad, disturbed sleep

• constant fatigue and increased nervousness without cause

• excessive sweating

• unstable bowel movement: loose stools or vice versa - constipation

• solid formations (sand, stones) in the kidney or gallbladder

• deterioration of the skin: dryness, acne, oiliness, allergic manifestations

• frequent swelling

• stomatitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.


          How you shouldn’t detox the body

There are various popular methods of cleaning the body from harmful substances and products of metabolism. The effectiveness of their action is questionable, however, as well as their safety for health. Many of them can cause irreparable harm and aggravate health problems.

                       Unsafe body cleansing methods:

• Intestinal cleansing with enemas and laxatives leads to dysbiosis, electrolyte loss, air embolism, liver and kidney failure. In addition, if you do enemas too often, then soon the process of defecation without them will be very difficult.

• Harmful is also reception of such sorbents as activated carbon - together with toxins it removes vitamins and minerals, so this cleaning method is not suitable for long-term practice.

• Olive oil + lemon juice - although this method is effective, it is very dangerous for people who have diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

• Frequent washing with sea salt water - there is a danger of dehydration and exacerbation of various diseases.


                     Safe body cleansing methods

 The easiest way to cleanse the body of chemical toxins and metabolic products is a  proper nutrition and the use of 100% natural health supplements  that have scientifically proven efficacy and safety.

Also, you need to cut down on eating  fast food, processed  foods with chemical ingredients and reduce the consumption of sweets. Do not lean heavily on meat - it overloads the digestive system and kidneys. Doctor recommend to add to your diet such detoxifying  products as:

  • cabbage of all kinds - due to the high content of fiber, enzymes and special substance of sulforaphane, cabbage removes toxins from the body and normalizes hormones;
  • beets. They help to cleanse the blood and effectively boost body detoxification.


In addition to proper nutrition and the consumption of vegetables and fruits, in order to maintain your health in perfect state, you need to take special natural  detox health supplements. They gently cleanse the body, simultaneously strengthening and restoring it. Highly effective, 100% natural detoxicant of Ukrainian production called PECTIN COMPLEX among all the proposed products  on the Vietnamese market is the safest and most effective. PECTIN COMPLEX has a natural plant base, without any synthetic additives and other chemicals. Due to this, PECTIN COMPLEX is:

  • effectively digested by the body (by 98%)
  • does not cause allergic reactions and side effects
  • it is easily excreted from the body, not accumulating in it
  • It has no contraindications.

      The quality of the detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX is officially confirmed by Ukrainian and Vietnamese certificates that meet the standards and strict requirements of the Ministries of Health of both countries.

Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!



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