Doctors explained the danger of re-boiling water





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Doctors explained the danger of re-boiling water

It is not only harmful but also dangerous to re-boil or even to heat boiled water once more.


                                  Why is it dangerous?

Tap water contains a lot of impurities - from salts of heavy metals to various minerals. When you heat up the water, its chemical composition varies. And these altered substances enter your body together with reheated or twice boiled water.

The more often you boil the same water, the more dangerous it becomes for health. In such water, terribly harmful substances are formed, such as fluorides, nitrates and even arsenic!

Boiling water once, you get a guarantee that you get rid of germs. But having done this procedure with the same water twice (or more), you only contribute to the destruction of nutrients contained in the water and turn them into dangerous volatile compounds.

The adverse effecs of harmful substances after drinking re-boiled water:

1. Arsenic

According to the World Health Organization, this substance possesses the biggest health risk. Arsenic is added to tap water to kill unwanted microorganisms.

Of course, to kill a person with arsenic from re-boiled water, it will take years, but the biggest threat is that Arsenic cumulates in the body during all the life. And the health consequences are really deplorable: peripheral neuropathy, skin lesions, disorders in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders, oncology.

2. Fluoride

When boiling, fluorine compounds in the water turn into fluorides. According to research conducted by Harvard professors for several decades, fluorides have a negative neurological effect and can even cause a delay in the mental development of children. It also increases the risk of infertility in women.


3. Nitrates

Our daily life is already profusely saturated with nitrates - they are used throughout the food industry as preservatives. But they become much more dangerous when exposed to high temperatures. When boiling, nitrates are converted to nitrosamines, and these substances are dangerous carcinogens.

Frequent consequences of consumption of re-boiled water are: cancer of the intestines, esophagus, pancreas, urinary system and leukemia.

It is physically impossible to give up drinking water, it is quite difficult and expensive to check its cleanliness at home, so it is almost unrealistic to ensure the harmlessness of water to health.

                             What is the solution?

The only way to prevent the harmful effect of toxic elements contained in drinking water is periodic complex body detoxification. In Vietnam, an excellent choice is  a natural health supplement from Ukraine  PECTIN COMPLEX, which is the only dietary supplement that has been officially recommended by the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health of Vietnam and has been used in state programs of lead detoxification of  population of particularly polluted provinces of Vietnam.

PECTIN COMPLEX effectively eliminates heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, radionuclides, pathogenic bacteria and other toxic substances from the body. It is important to note, that by removing harmful compounds, PECTIN COMPLEX does eliminate vitamins and beneficial microelements from the body.

PECTIN COMPLEX is 100% product, consisting of highly purified medical grade sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, enriched with a powerful vitamin complex. The health supplement has no contraindications and side effects, so it is recommended for all members of the family, including pregnant and lactating women, small children.



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