Ecological genocide. How to cleanse the body of environmental pollution?





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Even in the morning the city is covered with poisonous smog . Instead of fresh air we and our little children have to breathe the exhaust gases. There is no exaggeration -  ecological threat has already come.

We breathe emissions from factories and exhaust gases from hundreds of thousands of motorcycles and cars, and these are millions of harmful chemical compounds, various benzopyrenes and other poisonous agents, carcinogens that provoke the development of serious diseases. The organism is forced to be in constant stress and is weakened by the daily burden of unnatural aggression. We eat vegetables with nitrates, food sold in supermarkets is oversaturated with flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes, GMOs. How many kilograms of  chemicals do we consume and accumulate in our bodies? Food becomes semi-synthetic, although looks very appetizing. The quality of the tap water leaves much to be desired, because it contains much chlorine, which at regular consumption makes harm to people’s health. We regularly use washing powders, detergents for cleaning the house, even without thinking that the remains of these chemicals get on the skin from clothes, into the stomach from the dishes, causing allergic reactions and other unpleasant health problems. And we cannot avoid it! It seems to be a  real challenge to the health of mankind!

What can we do to cleanse the body of environmental pollution? How to eliminate chemicals which have already accumulated in the buffer zones of the body and continue to enter from the polluted environment? There is a solution! Application of Ukrainian health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX can reduce environmental and technogenic burden on the body, by eliminating harmful substances from it. This health supplement works as follows: binds all toxins, pathogenic bacteria, allergens, radionuclides, retains them and excretes them from the body in a natural way.

5 reasons to apply PECTIN COMPLEX:

  • Reduces the negative effect of polluted environment.
  • Eliminates harmful substances, radionuclides, heavy metals.
  • Strengthens immunity and increases resistance to diseases.
  • Does not excrete useful substances and vitamins.
  • Officially recommended by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 387 from November the 30th , 2009 for a wide use by people living in ecologically unfavorable regions to cleanse the body from environmental pollutants and prevent diseases caused by poor ecology.

For a complex detoxification from environmental contamination, you need to take PECTIN COMPLEX for 30 days. Doctors recommend repeating the course of a complex cleaning of the body every 5 months, since a new dose of harmful substances comes from the environment and it is necessary to eliminate it. It is important that dietary supplement acts selectively, removing only hazardous compounds and keeping essential microelements and vitamins untouched. PECTIN COMPLEX has no contraindications, is approved for use by pregnant women and children from 3 years old.

Why PECTIN COMPLEX is better than similar products:

  • It is many times stronger than activated carbon and its modern analogues.
  •  Eliminates harmful toxins, keeping essential vitamins and microelements, beneficial microflora untouched.
  •  Is a multifunctional health supplement, recommended for prevention and supportive treatment of such diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system diseases, liver and gallbladder diseases.
  •  Replenishes the body with vitamins, providing an antioxidant and anti-aging effect.



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