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Grilled meat is incredibly popular, but have you known that it carries the risk of stomach cancer?

Sugar and electronic cigarettes are also extremely dangerous”. - Ukrainian neurosurgeon, oncologist Anton Shkiryak told about this.

He explained that modern research has long dispelled the myth about the safety of these products.

"Grilled meat is very tasty, and it would seem that the meat contains a lot of protein, which is useful for the body, but the chemical substances that appear in the smoke as a result of burning wood during meat roasting are absorbed directly into the meat and can cause cancer, in particular - stomach cancer, ” A. Shkiryak stressed.

In turn, sugar is the element that feeds any tumor process, he explained. Its excess in the body is transferred into a certain amount of energy, and no one knows if this energy goes into your activities, your  muscle strength or the growth of the tumor.

Therefore, the sugar consumption should be should be as little  as possible.

Dr. A. Shkiryak is outraged when his patients say: “Look, I smoke IQOS,  not usual cigarettes , IQOS only heats tobacco, there is no tar like in all usual cigarettes ... People! There is already a study that had proved that electronic cigarettes also cause oncological processes. The quality of tobacco that you smoke in electronic cigarettes has not improved in any way!  

“One more popular foods that causes cancer particularly among kids is French fries”-  says   a Harvard University scientist Eric Rimm.

The potato itself is rich in calories, during deep roasting, the calorie content of this dish becomes even more impressive.

The abuse of french fries is associated with the development of obesity and diabetes.

Recent scientific studies have shown that  eating french fries increases blood sugar levels, and also provokes the development of hypertension in men and women. Moreover, the risk of such violations occurs if a person eats two standard servings of french fries a week, the researchers state.

Doctors recommend choosing a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, not to consume alcohol, sugar, fatty and salty foods. But we must admit that it is quite difficult to adhere to such a diet, and sometimes we all eat junk foods and drink a glass of vine with friends.  To help your  body you need to use products that contain large amounts of fiber, which effectively cleanses the body, and removes waste, metabolites, excessive level of cholesterol and blood sugar and also all other chemical  toxins from the body and prevents the development of cancer.

In Vietnam such product is a Ukrainian detox health supplement  PECTIN COMPLEX. It consists of highly purified medical low-esterified sugar beet pectin and  apple pectin, which are insoluble fiber and are indispensable for maintaining the health of the digestive system and overall health.

PECTIN COMPLEX is a unique product, as it is manufactured by a patented sophisticated technology developed by three state medical Institutes  of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. The uniqueness of PECTIN COMPLEX lies in the fact that this product , being a highly effective detoxifier, is absolutely natural and safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Living conditions of an urban polluted environment, where the air is filled with hundreds of toxic hazardous chemicals; with frequent consumption of foods that contain preservatives, sweeteners, colorants, thickeners, flavors, we create an increased chemical load on the body. In this case, the body may fail and the immune system will not be able to protect us from the development of serious chronic diseases. Effective enterosorbent PECTIN COMPLEX is recommended by well-known therapists and toxicologists for the complex cleaning of the body and preventing illnesses of poor ecology.

                    Be happy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!




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