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Air Pollution

     It’s no secret that there are substantial pollution problems in Vietnam. However, just how dangerous the air is, and exactly what effects it has on
our health can be difficult to decipher. The main parts of the body that are affected by air pollution are the nose, throat, ears and lungs. Whether you are on a motorbike, in your car, walking or in your apartment, exposure to air pollution is Hanoi is nearly unavoidable, and we need to make a personal choice if living here is worth the risk, especially considering how difficult it is to evaluate the related dangers.

     The air contains toxic particles and nanoparticles, which can come from a variety of sources. Dr. Lagüe from Centre Medical International states that that the non-exhaust particles, like the iron, copper and barium that are released during the breaking of a car or motorbike, produce significant nanoparticles. This fact, combined with the high concentration of exhaust emissions, make stopping at red lights a prime hotspot for heavy toxic air. According to the expert, to protect yourself, you should wear a a thick
carbon cloth mask (FFP3 class) which will help filter out the bigger pollutants in the air.

     Although driving a car exposes you to slightly less toxicity than when you are on a motorbike, it is still not enough to make a significant difference. In regards to your home, location is key. The further from the busy areas the less pollution there is, and the higher up your apartment the better. Therefore, if air quality is a major concern for you, try to find a flat on the highest floor possible. The closer to the ground your apartment is, the more exposure it receives.

Drinking Water Contamination

Everyone knows the first rule of thumb when living in most developing countries - don’t ever drink the tap water! It contains dangerous levels of nitrates and iron, not to mention a variety of other unsafe chemicals,that cause serious health disorders in adults and children. These toxic substances accumulate in the tissues of the body and gradually destroy body organs and systems.

Food, Worms and Bacteria

     Statistically, Vietnam does have a lower quality of food than most countries, which can result in an array of digestive problems, amongst other health related issues like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
However, the main concern lies in regards to bacteria and worms, and 
these are real threats that every resident needs to be taking precautions against. Let’s make it known that there are numerous varieties of worms and parasites out there and they are very easy to acquire. You might have worms and not even show any symptoms. Dr. Lagüe highly recommends
that everyone living here take antihelminthic drugs every six months. They are readily found at pharmacies all over the country. Worms and
other parasites can lead to other more complicated issues if left untreated, like schistosomiasis, a condition that can cause diarrhoea, abdominal pain, a bloody stool or much worse.

     In regards to food, the number one cautionary measure to take is with vegetables, as they can very easily harvest bacteria. Just by touching the outer skin of contaminated vegetables, larvae can be transferred into your body. It is suggested that any vegetables you buy need to be thoroughly washed while wearing gloves. Meat is another cause of concern, but also a debatable topic. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, and each individual can have different levels of immunity to different bacteria.
     Although it’s an undisputed fact that unrefrigerated meat increases the chances of bacterial contamination, doctors often disagree on how dangerous it is to consume it. I’ve interviewed doctors that passionately advised against eating any street food under any circumstance, while others have said it’s fine to indulge once in awhile. Either way, it’s best to know your body and act accordingly.

     Anyway, to protect your health, you should have at home a powerful enterosorbent that in case of an acute food poisoning or a chronic chemical intoxication, caused by living in a polluted city, will collect and remove toxins from your body. Doctors in Vietnam recommend that in every home first aid kit you have a strong Europen detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX. Eliminating the cause of poisoning and intoxication,it instantly contributes to the speedy recovery.

     Living in a big city gives a lot of opportunities, but from the other side, constant pollution, bad quality food and permanebt stress contribute to poor health.

     You can’t be active and productive for a long time without maintaining and strengthening your health. In this matter, PECTIN COMPLEX is your faithful reliable ally.

     Besides eliminating heavy metals nitrates, pesticides, radionuclides and
pathogenic bacteria from the body,

  1. Regulates the level of cholesterol in blood, helps to improves peripheral blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Regulates the level of glucose in the blood, helps to prevents diabetes.
  3. Improves the functions of digestive system and regulates intestinal microflora.
  4. Regulates metabolism, has hepatoprotective and soft choleretic properties.
  5. Used in complex treatment of allergic and skin diseases.
  6. Prevention of obstetric complications in pregnant women.
  7. Promotes healthy weight loss.
  8. Significantly strengthens the immune system and eliminates  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  9. Has an anti-age effect.
  10. Used in the complex treatment and prevention of cancer, reduces the side effects of treatment with antibiotics and chemotherapy, increases the absorption of medicines, providing their prolonged effect.

Choose premium quality products for your health – choose PECTIN COMPLEX!



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