Fatigue - Warning sign of dangerous diseases





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Do you often feel tired, sluggish, exhausted by the end of the day? You cannot complete daily routine tasks or simply crave sleeping more than usual. The following article will help you find the cause of the fatigue symptom.

Decline of thyroid function

Thyroid "strike" is one of the most common causes of the phenomenon of drowsiness. Although thydroid is only a small part of the body, it takes the role of regulation energy in the entire body, including the distribution of energy to the immune system. Ineffectual function of thyroid leads to the fact that energy cannot be equally delivered, which makes your body work ploddingly.

In addition, when the thyroid function is declined, the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness is  not the worst thing that you encounter. The feeling of constant fatigue is accompanied by such troubles as gaining weight, constipation, dry skin, temperature disorders, etc. This is a real health threat when the thydroid cannot regulate the whole body properly.

Adrenal glands malfunction

When adrenal glands are in trouble, it makes your body tired. Experts noted that ineffectual function of adrenal gland will cause a lot of problems for the circulatory system. Lack of a hormone cortisol can be a serious problem because it disrupts the whole balance of hormones in the body. In addition, symptoms such as headaches, weight loss, abnormal pain or diarrhea can also be a sign that there is a disorder in the function of adrenal glands.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be a symptom of dangerous diseases

This syndrome belongs to a group of mental traumas, it is also known by the name encephalomyelitis lesions. Having this syndrome, people feel tired and even the completion of the daily work becomes extremely difficult. Besides, headaches and confusion also are the signs of this pathologic state of the body.


Anemia is the phenomenon when the amount of oxygen in blood is so low that it is not enough to nourish the organs of the body,  and of course, it  makes the body tired. The common causes of anemia are: iron deficiency in pregnant women, vitamin B12 deficiency, long menstrual cycle or polyp infection, etc. In addition of feeling tired, you can see other phenomena such as dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations, and even fainting.


Strong thirst, increasing urination at night, sudden weight loss and fatigue are the most obvious signs that you are suffering from diabetes. This is the result of unsuccessful attempt of the body to regulate blood sugar, which makes the body congested and leads to fatigue and drowsiness.


Depression - one of the reasons of chronic fatigue

 Depression is a psychological disorder, which leads to nervous breakdowns and exhausts the body physically, causing fatigue. However, the undeniable connection between depression and fatigue there has not been ascertained yet. On the other hand, the consequences of depression are not controversial. Oppression, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, avoiding contacts and limiting communication – all these are symptoms of depression.


Pericarditis is an infection of the body. The bacteria enters the body through the bloodstream and attacks the layers of the heart, causing fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath. People with cardiovascular disease history or those who use artificial pacemakers often have the biggest risk of facing this phenomenon.

If you feel tired for a long time, visit a medical facility immediately for examination by experienced health care specialists. They will let you know the real state of your body to get the best treatment. Do not abuse your body.

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