Female MC from VTV got lead poisoning because of frequently lipstick using





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Regular use colored lipstick, there is a high possibility to face the risk of lead poisoning.

Lead content in women is often 3 times higher than permitted level because of daily lipstick using.

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Due, former director of Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital, said that in a few decades of his work, the frequency of cases of female MC getting  lead poisoning due to a habit of using lipstick takes  the first case. According to Dr. Due, once there was one incident  when he has recording an interview  at Vietnam Television, the female MC asked that whether she may  have  lead poisoning because she often has insomnia, constipation and easy to forget things ...

After examining her  teeth, Dr. Pham discovered that the gums of this women turned gray with metallic glitter. After taking the blood test, experts found that lead in the blood of this woman was up to 32 mcg / dL, which is three times higher than the permitted level. After asking several questions, Dr Due said the MC did not have any habits or environment  related to lead contamination, except of using colored lipstick daily.

Using lipstick of red and orange color leads to higher risk of lead poisoning.

After that case, Dr Due advised women to avoid using lipstick of dark colors, especially reddish orange, also to avoid licking  the lips, and clean the lips before eating. 

The incalculable consequences of using lead poisoned lipstick

Lead in lipstick can cause high blood pressure, joint pain, memory loss. By the brilliance and durability, many women are abusing lipstick. This abuse means that lead builds up in the body more and more and the process of eliminating lead out of the body is extremely slow. And yet, high-viscosity lipsticks contain a lot of Propylene glycol, which is bad for the brain, liver, kidneys and is a cancer-causing toxin.

Prof. Pham Due said that lead poisoning occurring in children also has  very serious consequences, affecting physical development such as slow growth, poor intelligence, autism, in severe cases even loss the ability to self-service permanently. The smaller the child is, the worse the damage can be. Children may be exposed to lead poisoning through skin contact, daily breathing lead paint fumes, gasoline, or through ingestion of pesticides and  preservatives contained in foods. The child even can get lead poisoning through breast milk, and the poisoning of the child is  more severe due to the fact that the child is more sensitive than the mother.

Tips for women who usually use lipstick

According to experts, the best way is to choose lipsticks with clear origin,  to avoid buying fake products. Before buying lipsticks, you should read carefully the information on it label and pay attention to the shelf life of this product.

When you have lipstick on your lips, if possible avoid eating and drinking. It is best to wipe the lipstick before eating to minimize lead amount entering our body. Limit the times of using lipstick during the day (especially with dark colors such as red, orange, red), do not apply too much lipstick and use lipstick removers every day.

Women in particular, and everyone in general should conduct lead poisoning treatment continuously, in several courses, months, even  years. According to information from Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital, the highest level of lead in the blood of up to 200mcg / dL took up to 6 years to decrease down to 20mcg / dL. Therefore, lead detoxication is a long-term task that needs to be done regularly and continuously to ensure health. The simplest way is to reduce the amount of lead in your body is to consume  foods that help to eliminate lead from the bode, such as: yogurt, tea, fruit, vegetables such as garlic,  cabbage, bitter melon, carrots, shrimp, oysters, seaweed, etc.



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