First aid kit on vacation: collect it correctly!





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Summer is in full swing. And this means that many people are already preparing to go on a long-awaited vacation. There are a lot of pleasant troubles: packing beautiful summer clothes, collecting the things you need on the road. However it is important to remember that you should pack not only clothes and documents, but also a first aid kit! It's great if during the vacation you are completely healthy and do not need any medications, but it is better to be on the safe side, so this article will focus on the most necessary means you may need in your trip.

Mandatory things to take

1) If you take some medications on a regular basis, put them in the first in the aid kit. The pharmacies at the place you travel, may not have these preparations in stock.

2) In addition, any summer trip is accompanied by high solar activity. Therefore, you need to take sunscreens and some remedies that restore the skin after sunburns.

3) Minor injuries or fresh calluses are unpleasant companions of almost all tourists. So do not forget to take a bandage, iodine, adhesive plaster and antiseptic.

4) Be sure to take sorbents. In hot weather, the amount of food poisoning increases sharply, and sorbents help you quickly to remove toxins and bacteria from the body that caused poisoning.

Vacation is not the time to be ill!

Perhaps the most common problem of travelers is digestive system disorders. They can be caused by anything: a change in the regime of the day, dirty hands, new food and even the composition of drinking water. A large crowd of people at the airport or hotel leads to a probability of transmission of intestinal infection. Diarrhea, poisoning, rotavirus is something that every tourist came across at least once.

As there is a high risk of digestive system disorders, it is necessary to take care of preventive measures for the whole family in advance. An indispensable tool in the first aid kit is PECTIN COMPLEX as it effectively can help in case of each of these ailments.

The uniqueness of the health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX is that it quickly copes with any intoxication of the body, collecting all the toxic substances. Working in the gastrointestinal tract, PECTIN COMPLEX effectively prevents the absorption of toxic substances into the bloodstream that caused the disease; neutralizes the multiplication of bacteria in intestinal infection and quickly stops diarrhea and vomiting. PECTIN COMPLEX collects and eliminates all the harmful substances, enhancing a rapid health improvement.

PECTIN COMPLEX helps to prevent the harmful effects of a variety of harmful substances, including allergens, so it's a real wand for the holidaymaker!

Even if you are not allergic, remember that this disease has no age restrictions and on travel there is a possibility of encountering with a new potential allergen. Moreover, PECTIN COMPLEX perfectly copes with hangover, especially if you take it before and / or immediately after the feast.

5 reasons to take PECTIN COMPLEX with you on vacation:

  • Eliminates harmful substances, keeps all useful microelements;
  • More effective than activated carbon and its modern analogues;
  • Natural, high quality, safe remedy for effective body cleaning
  • Starts functioning in 20 minutes after intake;
  • Suitable for the whole family, allowed for small children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

PECTIN COMPLEX - a universal tool for the whole family!

The spectrum of application of PECTIN COMPLEX is huge. If until now you have not heard of PECTIN COMPLEX, then it's time to put it in your first-aid kit and make sure yourself how effective and indispensable it is.



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