Food pollution





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Sources of pollution: synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Diseases: hepatitis, allergy, cancer.


Even the most delicious and perfectly cooked dishes can contain pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and nitrites - residues of fertilizers and pesticides. Nitrite and potassium nitrate or sodium is used as the additive to meat products for preservation color, smell and taste. The content of hazardous substances in food can cause poisoning and development of tumors, weaken the immune system and the organism's resistance to the oncogenic factors.

Industrial and chemical wastes soak into the groundwater, eventually gets into the food we eat.

Preservatives containg in food destroy useful microorganisms - bifidobacteria, normally inhabiting in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby contribute to the development of dysbiosis. The preservatives and flavorings contain hundreds of chemical compounds, including chlorine dioxide and chlorine, sulfuric acid and carbon. These substances cannot be digested, and accumulating in the liver become a cause of gastrointestinal tract and liver disorders, hepatitis, and allergies.

 How to protect yourself from harmful substances in food?   

  • Carefully read the labels on the products , do not use those that contain preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrances
  • Wash fruit and vegetables carefully, peal them.
  • Store fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator, because low temperature prevents the conversion of nitrates into nitrites, which are even more poisonous.
  • Do not use products with trans fats, avoid eating fast food.

To prevent intoxication and poisoning by chemicals you need to detox your body regularly from   nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals that enter our body with food. Leading experts recommend dietary detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX, which:

  • Effectively eliminates toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides and waste;
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in  blood;
  • Regulates metabolism;
  • Improves the  function of the digestive system;
  • Enhances the immune resistance of the organism;
  • Promotes healthy weight loss;
  • Has no side effects.



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