Hanoi residents worry about air pollution





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Hanoi residents are worried about the bad air quality they have been experiencing in the city since the beginning of the year, especially this September.

Hanoi covered in haze.

The latest air pollution data compiled in the 2018 World Air Quality Report ranks Hanoi as the second most polluted city in Southeast Asia, behind only Jakarta.

Air pollution in the city became so severe at the end of September 2019 that health experts warned people to stay indoors.

The city’s Air Quality Index was measured at between 201 and 240 at various monitoring stations across the capital, while anything between 201 and 300 is considered very unhealthy.

Hoang Lan Anh, a resident of Tay Ho District, choked on toxic air every day as she travelled on Vo Chi Cong Street to work.

“The dust flying from construction sites nearby is terrible,” she said. “The street gets dustier after it drizzles. We all have to wear masks in order to breathe normally.”

Do Viet Cuong, a resident of Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh borough in southwestern Hanoi, said: “This is an area with a lot of offices and high-rise buildings, so a lot of people travel here to work on a daily basis.

“Major streets like Trung Kinh and Tran Duy Hung face traffic congestion all the time. Especially during rush hour, toxic fumes and dust from construction sites make the air all foggy.”

The heavy concentration of particulate PM2.5 in the city’s air has also raised health alarms.

It was often measured at 300-400 micrograms per cubic meter at monitoring stations near areas with high traffic density, far exceeding the World Health Organization’s safety limit of 25 micrograms.

PM2.5 refers to tiny dust particles that are about 30 times smaller than a human hair. They can travel deep into the lungs and the blood and cause respiratory and heart-related diseases, even cancer, according to Dr Hoang Duong Tung, head of the Vietnam Environment Administration.

Mai Trong Thai, head of the Hanoi Environment Protection Department, the city’s air quality has been getting worse over the past three months due to erratic weather and pollution caused by traffic and construction.“Hanoi has been affected by the seasonal north-east wind, which brings dust from other areas to the city and causes heavy concentration of fine particulate matter in the air.

“Toxic fumes from construction sites, industrial complexes and craft villages all add to the air pollutants that are difficult to dilute.”

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