Hanoi's pollution poses a threat to health of its residents





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Hanoi’s most preferred use of transportation is motorcycles and mopeds. The majority use motorcycles and mopeds because they are cheaper than cars, and when there is traffic, it is the quickest use of transportation. Motorcycles are the biggest cause for their current air pollution. The locals believe they can avoid the situation and fix it in the future, but the local government and environmental groups think otherwise. The air pollution is contaminating the environment and risking people’s health. Air pollution in Vietnam is becoming more dangerous day by day, and there is a chance Vietnam will choose to build coal-fired power plants for the demand of electricity and the situation will even worsen. In reality, many countries deal with air pollution, but it is usually due to the burning of fossil fuels. The heart of the situation is the low quality diesel fuel used in these vehicles. Companies in Vietnam are refusing to buy better quality fuel because of the expenses they need to pay. 30% of these vehicles do not pass existing emissions, and Euro II standards, but inspectors are bribed; therefore, they are competent and pass all standards. Hanoi’s population was estimated at around 3.2 million in 2005 and is constantly growing. The continuous growth forces pressure onto the limited infrastructure and environment. The construction of new roads and commercial fuel burning both impact air pollution.

Thick smog in Hanoi

Air pollution holds high levels of dangerous components including PM10. According to the World Health Organization, in Vietnam these microscopic pollutants are four times higher than the standard level. Capable of being inhaled through facial masks, PM10’s are a major health issue because they can damage your respiratory system. The yearly increase of vehicles in Hanoi is 12-15 percent. Ejections such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are also harmful toxins in the air. If nothing is done to prevent or reduce pollutants in the air, the pollution in Hanoi will escalate to 200mg/m3, 10 times the level warned by the World Health Organization.

Vietnam is one of the top ten with the worst air pollution. Air pollution is also causing fatalities because of the smog it produces. It is the cause of many motorcycle accidents. The air the people are constantly ignoring is the same air that will cause them health issues and environmental issues, and death.

Hanoi is attempting to combat the air pollution. Aside from creating awareness of air pollution, Vietnam has devised multiple solutions that will reduce air pollution. The main idea is to try to get more vehicles off the road, so more pollutants get out of the air. The Ministry of Transport has proposed to restrict car access to downtown areas, to invest more sidewalks and electric vehicles, and changing school and business hours. The changing of school hours is a significant movement, and it is meant to reduce traffic during peak hours and has already taken effect in parts of Hanoi. There is also a need to scale down the use of personal automobiles and increase the use of public vehicles. People are being encouraged to use public transportation such as buses or railways instead of motorcycles that create more air pollution. Although these methods are not guaranteed to work, the city needs to respond to air pollution in order to ensure the health of the environment that houses the Vietnamese people.

People of big cities are daily exposed to chemicals in the air that ruin their health, resulting in chronic diseases of respiratory system, even cancer.

Hopefully the measures taken by the government to reduce pollution will work, however, it will definitely be not so soon, but we have to breathe this air every day…

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