Harmful Effects of Air Pollution on Health and Environment





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A major problem that Vietnam is facing at present is the alarming level of air pollution. A recent report published by WHO, revealed that the life expectancy in Vietnam decreased by 2.6 years. The deadly diseases caused by air pollution is one of the major reasons for the reduction in life expectancy. At present, air pollution is the third highest cause of death among the different types of health risks in Vietnam. Not just on human health, but air pollution also has a negative impact on the environment. So, in this article, we discuss in detail the health and environmental impact of air pollution.

Health Effects of Air Pollution

Higher Risk of Hypertension in Women

Research published in the Epidemiology journal indicated that women exposed to high levels of pollution have a higher risk of suffering from hypertension. Women who are exposed to fine PM and black carbon above 10 µg/m³ develop hypertension. Air pollution can also cause inflammation and oxidative stress.

Affects Cardiovascular Health

Air pollution also affects cardiovascular health as it hardens the arteries. This also increases the risk of heart attack and strokes. The particulate matter present in the respiratory tract spread to the other areas of the body and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Asthma and CoPD

Inhaling particulate matter irritates the tissues in the nasal cavity, which leads to cough and runny nose. When the fine particles travel down the airways into the lungs, it leads to infection. This can also lead to inflammation, thereby causing shortness of breath. People who suffer from asthma and or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CoPD) are at a higher risk.

Preterm Birth

Air pollution is dangerous for pregnant women. Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy increases toxic chemicals in the blood and causes stress in the immune system. This weakens the placenta that surrounds the fetus and leads to preterm birth.

Last Few Words

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