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To rid of toxins and waste that are constantly accumulating in your body, doctors recommend conducting complex body cleansing at least 2 times a year. Enterosorbent PECTIN COMPLEX demonstrates a high, scientifically proven effectiveness in the complex detoxification of the body at the cellular level.

Enterosorbents – is an innovation in complex body detoxification. They help to cleanse not only the intestines, but also lymph, as well as blood.

PECTIN COMPLEX is used for mild and total body cleansing, as well as improving the functions of digestive system after stress, malnutrition, alcohol intoxication and other disorders.

                   Indications for use of PECTIN COMPLEX:

 During a healthy diet, with the purpose of weight control

  • For support treatment of body  intoxications of residents of  ecologically unfavorable regions
  • To relieve alcohol intoxication
  • In case of violations of natural microbial environment of the intestines.
  • In case of allergic reactions
  • in case of functional disorders of  liver, digestive tract, pancreas
  • In case of  food poisoning
  • In case of  heavy metal poisoning
  • Working at enterprises with  harmful  working conditions
  • In case of skin diseases
  • For support treatment in a complex with other medicines of diseases of digestive tract, namely: gastric ulcer, gastritis, cholecyscho, constipation, flatulence, and dysbacteriosis.


Health effects of PECTIN COMPLEX:

  • Absorbs heavy metals, radionuclides, other toxins and slags in the intestines and other tissues of the body, and promotes their removal from the body
  • Improves intestinal motility and work of the digestive system
  • Normalizes the processes of food digestion
  • Has anti-allergic effect, strengthens the immune system, helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer
  • Promotes normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood
  • Is a source of vitamins, micro elements and dietary fiber
  • Reduces the side effects of radiation and chemo therapy
  • Protects from the influence of negative factors of production and contaminated living environment
  • Helps in treatment of poisonings (acute and chronic) with heavy metal salts, radionuclides and for relieving the symptoms of hangover.


                        Advantages of PECTIN COMPLEX:

  • Without affecting beneficial microelements, as other sorbents do, PECTIN COMPLEX effectively and quickly binds and removes toxins from any search from the body.
  • Thanks to the natural composition of PECTIN COMPLEX, it is approved and recommended for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Stimulation of the resumption of gastrointestinal mucosa after poisoning and infections is a special feature of PECTIN COMPLEX.
  • Without low calorie diets, only with the help of complex body cleansing with PECTIN COMPLEX, you can lose a few pounds of excess weight.

Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!



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