How does PECTIN COMPLEX work in the body?





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 Natural health detox supplement from Ukraine PECTIN COMPLEX is a unique remedy. Its main function is to eliminate poisonous toxic substances from the body.

This property of PECTIN COMPLEX has already helped millions of people to improve health and quality of life in Ukraine and CIS countries! Intoxications of different origin, food poisonings, diarrhea, body cleansing with preventive purposes and allergies – with all these tasks PECTIN COMPLEX copes  easily and effectively! However, not many people know due to what properties PECTIN COMPLEX has become a lifesaver for millions of people.

PECTIN COMPLEX is an adaptogen and a natural enterosorbent.

The main and well-known property of enterosorbents is the ability to collect and bind on itself  toxic molecules of different size and weight, bacterial and viral toxins inside our body.

All of us have once used enterosorbents. For example, the substance, called activated carbon has been used for over 100 years, although the sorption capacity (the ability to collect and bind toxic substances in the body) of activated carbon is 100 times lower than in PECTIN COMPLEX. The effectiveness of PECTIN COMPLEX is 100 times higher than the effectiveness of activated carbon. 1 daily dosage of PECTIN COMPLEX for adults is equal to 120 tablets of activated carbon. Active ingredients of PECTIN COMPLEX are highly purified, low-esterified medical grade sugar beet pectin and apple pectin.  

PECTIN COMPLEX, having collected toxic substances in the intestines and in the blood is excreted from the body in a natural way with urine and feces.

What happens in the body after talking PECTIN COMPLEX?

  The intestines contain a big amount of blood and lymphatic vessels, which continuously bring a variety of toxins, allergens and harmful biologically active agents  to the surface of the intestinal mucosa, and there they are absorbed back into the blood.


At this stage PECTIN COMPLEX being in the intestines, adsorbs (binds) abovementioned poisonous substances and excretes them from the body in a natural way.  

In the process of digestion some part of sugar beet  pectin is  hydrolyzed by intestinal microorganisms and forms oligogalacturonic  and galacturonic acids, which are  absorbed in the gut and enter the bloodstream and bind heavy metals in the blood, bones and other body tissues and are later excreted  with urine. Thus, sugar beet pectin not only cleanses the bowel, but also the blood and the whole body.
The Institute of Public Health of Ukraine  during durable medical  researches and tests of PECTIN COMPLEX hasobtained data that PECTIN COMPLEX effectively normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby greatly reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The most important fact is that PECTIN COMPLEX works selectively in the body and does not eliminate vitamins and essential trace elements from the body.

PECTIN COMPLEX does not have contraindications and side effects, does not cause allergic reactions, that’s why it is officially approved by the Ministries  of Health of Ukraine and Vietnam to apply it for all age groups, including young children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

As a result of intake of PECTIN COMPLEX, the concentration of toxic substances of different origin, allergens, pathogenic bacteria and radionuclides   significantly reduces in the intestines and in the whole body.  PECTIN COMPLEX promotes complex cleansing of the blood, lymph and all internal organs. Due to this property, PECTIN COMPLEX  gained a reputation of a reliable, effective and  natural remedy in case of heavy metal and other chemical intoxications, allergy, diarrhea , preventive cleansing of the body, hangover, toxemia of pregnancy , etc.




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