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        PECTIN COMPLEX is a multifunctional innovative premium quality Ukrainian product.

PECTIN COMPLEX is made of highly purified, pharmaceutical grade sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, enriched with a powerful vitamin complex. This product has a number of beneficial effects for your health, youth and beauty:

• detoxification

• antioxidant action

• adaptogenic effect

• immunomodulatory action.


The action of PECTIN COMPLEX is aimed at excretion of harmful substances and toxins from the body. Due to this property PECTIN COMPLEX helps the body to get rid  of all unnecessary, poisonous compounds.

 PECTIN COMPLEX naturally renews the body at the cellular level, and has a beneficial effect on the normalization of the work of all organs and body systems.

                                          Antioxidant action

Antioxidant function of PECTIN COMPLEX has a rejuvenating and toning effect. This product fights free radicals, which cause premature aging, nourishes body tissues with oxygen, inhibits the destruction of living cells during natural oxidation . In this case, the positive effect is expressed in increasing the resistance to premature and natural aging, preventing the occurrence of early age changes. The rejuvenation of the body occurs in conjunction with the improvement of the skin: the skin becomes clearer and looks younger which is so desired and important for all women. During the course of taking PECTIN COMPLEX, people experience lightness and vigor in the body, a rested and fresh look, radiance of the skin of the face.

                               Adaptogenic effect

Acclimatization and adaptation of the organism to adverse conditions, climate change, geographic and time zones are improving while taking PECTIN COMPLEX. The body tolerates stressful conditions more easily. A person’s state of health is much better with PECTIN COMPLEX than without his help.

                        Immunomodulating action

The course of application of PECTIN COMPLEX improves overall health and vigor, increases mental and physical performance, strengthens the body's natural defenses. Toxic components and pathogenic bacteria are quickly eliminated from the body -  as a result, the work of the vessels and the heart is normalized, the immunity increases and the number and duration of diseases decreases. Due to increased resistance to stress, fatigue is removed: night sleep is normalized, fatigue is eliminated.

It is interesting that after taking a course of PECTIN COMPLEX the energy potential of the body cells is revealed, more energy and vigor is released, more strengths appear for your important working tasks and beloved hobbies.

The innovative complex PECTIN COMPLEX is an indispensable for everyone who cares about health.

PECTIN COMPLEX is recommended for:

  • complex cellular body detoxification for adults and children
  • regulation of metabolism and healthy weight loss
  •  accelerating recovery in case of chronic or acute diseases
  •  immunity strengthening
  •  rejuvenation of the body
  •  promoting clearer skin and improving general  condition
  •  relieving hangover symptoms.

                             Healthy Weight loss

PECTIN COMPLEX activates the process of regulating appetitive, weight normalization, and a healthy  weight loss in case of obesity or overweight.

PECTIN COMPLEX eliminates toxins and harmful substances from the body. Thanks to body detoxification, body energy exchange is accelerated. Quickly enough starts the mechanism of soft weight loss: PECTIN COMPLEX starts working in the body from the first days of application. Thanks to PECTIN COMPLEX the body quickly adapts to weight loss and gradually the need for extra snacks during the day significantly reduces.  To achieve better results, it is recommended to increase the amount of fluid consumed and exercise.

PECTIN COMPLEX is successfully used to improve performance and strengthen immunity. Taking this unique Ukrainian product  makes you feel a surge of vitality and energy, you forget about the   feeling of chronic fatigue and drowsiness. PECTIN COMPLEX  helps the body to work with new force.

In addition, PECTIN COMPLEX has a rejuvenating effect on the human body, and is also successfully used to improve skin condition.

PECTIN COMPLEX also relieves hangover. In a short while PECTIN COMPLEX eliminates from the body the decay products of alcohol, returning a person to a normal state within an hour after the use of PECTIN COMPLEX.

PECTIN COMPLEX rejuvenates and heals the entire body, makes you feel a surge of vitality and vitality. For whatever purposes you use it, it starts working from the first day and has a prolonged effect.

PECTIN COMPLEX does not contain any preservatives and dyes. It  is manufactured on a highly technological plant in Ukraine according to HACCP 22000 manufacturing standard and undergoes multileveled quality control system. PECTIN COMPLEX is safe all groups of population including little children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Adults should take 4 tablets of PECTIN COMPLEX three times a day after meals, children - 2 tablets 2 times per day after meals with a glass of water. Duration of a course is 1-2 months. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to repeat the course of complex cellular detoxification with PECTIN COMPLEX 2-3 times a year.

             4 reasons to use PECTIN COMPLEX:

  1. Eliminates all known harmful substances and toxins from the body.
  2.   PECTIN COMPLEX has a smart mechanism if action – conducting a complex cellular detoxification of your body, it preserves all vitamins and minerals.
  3. Safety and effectiveness of the product is guaranteed by numerous clinical studies and a multi-level quality control system.
  4. PECTIN COMPLEX is an innovative product for the preservation of youth and beauty that does not have any side effects and contraindications. Has antioxidant action and anti-age effect.

Detoxification with PECTIN COMPLEX - minimum effort, maximum result!



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