Let's join hands for growth of our children!





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Let's join hands for growth of our children!

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam: "Let's join hands for growth of our children!"

Vietnamese youth is shorter than general standard for 10 -13 cm.

According to Minister of Health, Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Tien,  the proportion of underweight because of malnutrition among children under 5 years old  has been  decreasing constantly and steadily over past 10 years, from more than 30% to 15%, it means more than 2 times, but still some challenges exist  in improvement of children nutrition.

There is the differences of child nutrition between children in regions, malnutrition in remote areas – children are underweight, obesity in urban areas), non – communicable chronic disease related to  nutrition such as diabetes, heart diseases, metabolic disorders,…  Malnutrition also affects the physical fitness of adults.

Particularly, according to Nutrition Center, in 2010 the height of Vietnamese youths was 10 – 13cm lower than WHO organization’s standard, which is currently only 153 cm for women and 163.7 cm for men. Commenting on this issue, Minister of Health said: “ this is the issue that affects to the country’s future human resources”

In fact, the difference of Vietnamese height and weight compared to international standard that is the most apparent in the age group 6-12 months and 6-11 years. Meanwhile, the rate of malnutrition in 2013 was still very high ( nearly 26%), not to mention 29% of anemia, 51% of zinc deficiency, 14% of vitamin A deficiency, etc., -  all these negative factors have a significant effect on the child’s learning abilities and performance.

“ The cause is malnutrition child’s meals meets 70% of energy demand, 49% of calcium demand, 35% of vitamin A demand, also lack of iodine. Poor diet, poor quality of meals leads to anemia, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency,… along with lack of playgrounds in the school, intestinal helminthes infection… affecting height , weight  and ability of child’s learning. Besides that, nowadays, the foods have been poisoned by toxins, heavy metals; polluted environment has a big effect”.  Professor Dr. Le Thi Bach Mai, Deputy Director of Institute of Nutrition explains.

Focus on nutrition for the golden age.

Deputy of Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that the height is not necessarily proportional to the success, dedication of a human, as well as the strength, stature of a people. However, if each person has full nutrition, practices, and lives in the fresh environment, he or she will surely develop better physically, mentally, spiritually. There will be more successful conditions in the establishment, business, serving the country.

Meanwhile, the intellectual development and learning ability of each person is established and developed more than 50% in early years of lifetime, the next  30% developing until the age of eight. The human intelligence will continue to developing during the process of learning and working in the next years.

Physically, 54% of the child’s maximum height is reached at 3 years of age, 32% the child’s maximum height at age 12, the remaining 14% at age 18.

So, the strength, stature and intelligence of the Vietnamese have improved or not that depends much on how we take care of the Vietnamese golden age ( 0 – 12 years old).

There are  many parents who wonder: We add foods that contain   much calcium  to  the child’s  meal daily, even give them calcium tablets but their growth is not improved, changes in rickets is still slow. One of the reason is that the child’s body has been poisoned with heavy metals, toxins, causing the process of calcium penetration is limited. Due to living in polluted environment with contaminated air, water, soil by heavy metals at craft villages affect to the child’s development.

According to Prof. Dr. Pham Due, former director of the Poison Center, Bach Mai Hospital: Around 600,000 children worldwide suffer from intellectual disabilities from exposure to lead every year; 99% of children affected by high level of exposure to lead are from low income and middle income countries. In Vietnam, there are no comprehensive statistics on this condition, but over the past few years, many children with lead poisoning have had convulsions that undoubtedly affected their intelligence.

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Together with state health care authorities, PECTIN COMPLEX was sponsored to children in Hung Yen and Bac Giang provinces and recorded remarkable results. The level of lead decreased by 40% and doctors admitted that in 100% of patients the level of heavy metals decreased to normal and children started developing well.




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