Life in polluted environment. How to maintain good health





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The danger that threatens the ecological balance of the Earth has long ceased to be a myth. Now, the predictions of different experts have come true: we are really the inhabitants of a planet with a severely polluted environment. We live in constant stress, inhale smog, exhaust fumes, emissions of harmful industries; consume food with nitrates, poorly purified and perchlorinated drinking water. Therefore, cleansing the body from accumulated toxins and waste with the help of natural sorbents is one of the mandatory rules for a healthy lifestyle and reducing environmental stress.

New challenges to human health

Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) identify four main groups of factors affecting the health of the inhabitants of the Earth. They report that most of the illnesses develop for the following reasons: heredity (genetic factors) - 15-20%; the state of the environment is 20-25%; medical support (health care level) -10-15%; conditions and way of life of people, quality of food - 50-55%.

As you know, people live a long, happy and healthy life when they take care of their health. Scientific research shows that 78% of men and 52% of women do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

A few years ago there was a study that found that more than 55 million city dwellers in our country are affected by the polluted atmosphere.

The most polluted cities in Vietnam are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Such disappointing data indicate that for urban residents, like for no other, it is important to check their health regularly , to strengthen immunity and get rid of toxins that poison and kill us slowly.

How to help your body

First of all, we must try to spend more time in forests and parks, have an active lifestyle, do regular exercises, and time from time take courses of massage. It is also highly desirable to adhere to a detox diet - a special food system to cleanse the body of stored slag and hazardous toxins. So you should carefully monitor your diet, using primarily foods with high antioxidant values ​​(natural juices, herbal and green tea, nuts, berries and fruits, olive oil, honey), as well as natural biostimulators (ginseng root, ginger and others). In addition, it is necessary to use filters for water and air (with humidifiers) at home, it is important to surround yourself only with things of natural origin and clean materials. And, of course, if you want to be healthy , you should give up alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. And of course, several times a year you need to cleanse your body of toxins and waste: as we know, even Hippocrates and Avicenna called cleaning the body a pledge of good health and a long life.

To improve your health and to reduce negative effects of the polluted environment, doctors recommend to conduct courses of body cleansing with the application of a health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX, as chronic body intoxication due to poor ecology leads to a feeling of constant fatigue and early aging, a decrease of immunity and exacerbation of chronic diseases. A pale complexion and allergic skin rashes are also symptoms of chronic body intoxication. But it is even more alarming, as research shows, that when living in polluted areas the risk of cancer increases by 30%. And unhealthy diet and bad habits (overeating, smoking, alcohol abuse, eating food with preservatives, flavorings, colorants and genetically modified additives) slows down the bowel and metabolism, causing obesity and digestive disorders.

What is the principal of action of PECTIN COMPLEX?

PECTIN COMPLEX is a natural enterosorbent. Enterosorption is a method of binding, neutralization and removing of harmful substances from the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body with the therapeutic or prophylactic purposes.

Why to choose PECTIN COMPLEX?

  • Acts many times more efficiently than activated carbon and its modern analogues.
  • Eliminates toxins and harmful bacteria, keeping useful microflora untouched.
  • Does not injure the gastrointestinal tract, does not contain additives.
  • Allowed to use for children from 3 years old, pregnant and lactating women, is perfect for family use.

For a complex cleansing of the body from environmental pollution, doctors recommend to take PECTIN COMPLEX during 1 month. It is necessary to repeat detoxification courses every 4-5 months.



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