Attention: Children living in big cities are at a great danger!





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The children of big cities are permanently exposed to the negative effect of hazardous chemical compounds.

Poisons and toxins enter the body with the air polluted with CO emissions, selenium, zinc, copper, lead, formaldehyde, cadmium and nickel; also with polluted water and food, saturated with nitrates and pesticides. All these toxic substances have the ability to accumulate in the body and provoke a lot of various diseases. Zee News informs a shocking fact that these chemical compounds make destructive changes in the nervous system of a growing child’s organism, and adversely affect the development of child’s brain.

Living in a big city, pregnant woman and her fetus are exposed to a serious risk of development of obstetric complications and fetal abnormalities because of the severe environmental pollution.


Huge amounts of industrial emissions in big cities also have a negative impact on infants and schoolchildren, decelerating the work of brain cells. Poisons and toxins adversely affect the educational performance of the child and his intellectual abilities.

For reducing of adverse health effect of environmental pollution on the body, doctors recommend to conduct regular body detoxification with the application of a   detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX. After application of PECTIN COMPLEX, as the result of elimination of toxic substances from the body, all children have significant improvement of the productivity of brain activity, memory and concentration improvement.



The clinical study conducted in 2014 in Ukraine by National Health Academy of Dnepropetrosk shows that all 5-6 year old children in Dnepropetrovks, after taking PECTIN COMPLEX for 28 days had improvements in psychophysical state, improved concentration, increased mental activity and its endurance, increased level of non-verbal intelligence due to the reduction of PB for 32% and Cd for 14,3% in the blood.

PECTIN COMPLEX is 100% natural detox health supplement produced in Ukraine   for total body cleaning from heavy metals, pesticides and nitrates  on the cellular level.  



The main ingredient of PECTIN COMPLEX is sugar beet pectin. Leading scientists of Ukrainian National Academy of Medical Sciences have developed a unique sophisticated technology of extraction of highly purified pharmaceutical-grade pectin from sugar beets. This type of pectin has the strongest binding and complexing properties and as a natural detoxifying agent has no analogues in the world.

The formula of the detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX works like a magnet, binding and making complexes with all toxic substances that negatively affect the immune system, mental and physical development of the child. Further, pectin together with the harmful substances is excreted from the body without urine and feces.

PECTIN COMPLEX contains no artificial colorings or flavors, thus allergic reactions and side effects are absent.

It is important to note, that PECTIN COMPLEX is not only approved for use, but also officially recommended by the decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine #887 from 30th November, 2009 for use for pregnant and lactating women and young children who live in the environmentally disadvantages areas for prevention of the environmentally dependent diseases.

Vietnamese Institute of occupational and environmental health has chosen PECTIN COMPLEX among other remedies, and applies it in the framework of the state charity lead detoxification treatment program for  children and adults in  Dong Mai village, Hung Yen province.



Donation of PECTIN COMPLEX to the people of Dong Mai, Hung Yen province, 3rd of July, 2016.

The effectiveness of PECTIN COMPLEX is confirmed by millions of satisfied people in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, where PECTIN COMPLEX has received recognition as one of the most effective and the natural effective and safest product for total body cleansing from environmental pollutants.

Take care of your child's health and protect it from aggressive environmental pollution today!





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