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Chronic chemical intoxication of the body occurs gradually in everybody under the influence of harmful food, pharmaceuticals, low-quality water and other factors. It is important to understand that the contamination of the body or the "slagging" of the body is not just a "blockage" of individual organs, it is a global problem of the organism that negatively affects the condition of almost all organs. If after a proper night sleep you often wake up in the morning with a heavy head, and headaches become frequent, if the natural freshness of the face is replaced by pallor and grayness, and your hair lost its shine and elasticity, it means that the first signs of chronic intoxication of the body give alarm signals.

But if you have such symptoms as  rapid fatigue and absent-mindedness, insuperable apathy and susceptibility to frequent depressions, increased nervousness and irritability; increased constipation and intestinal disorders, increased gassing in the intestines and sweating,  it means that the stage of chronic body intoxication is really serious and you body can’t cope itself with all the toxins that continuously poison it.

Also, if you are constantly haunted by a terrible smell from your mouth, an unpleasant body odor, bitterness in the mouth, if you often suffer from bleeding gums, stomatitis and nasopharyngeal diseases, if  skin rash, furunculosis, pigment spots  often appear , it means that your  body calls are requiring an urgent, immediate total body cleansing. If you do not react on all the "SOS" signs of your body  and do not start a course of body cleanse on the cellular level, you will soon feel even more destructive effect of toxins on the work of all organs  of your body, which can result in development of serious diseases.

               Are toxins really so dangerous?

When many toxins are accumulated, the body suffers from the following health problems:

  • Bile and kidney stones are formed
  • Inflammatory processes in the bile ducts and urinary tracts begin
  • Women experience imbalance of hormones leading to erosion of the cervix and vagina
  • Acute cough accompanied by sputum becomes more frequent
  • Develop difficulties with normalization of arterial pressure
  • There is a violation of venous circulation, leading to varicose veins
  • Thrombophlebitis, vascular diseases and hypertensive or hypotonic disease.

Above mentioned health problems are not all consequences that you may suffer if you do not care about timely body cleansing. And some of them are incurable and often lead to disability and premature death.

                  Is there a life-saving solution?

First of all, analyze your eating habits and your lifestyle. Try to exclude from your diet all foods that contain chemical ingredients and artificial additives, buy organic fruit and vegetables. Cut down on drinking alcohol and give up smoking. Forget about sedentary way of life. Be active. Do sports. Be conscious about everything you eat, drink and do.

But even all these actions are not enough to maintain good health living in a big city in the age of fast industrial development. Even choosing a healthy way of life, all adults and children are daily exposed to devastating influence of severe air and water pollution. The level of environmental pollution in big cities of Vietnam is so high that our bodies are not able to eliminate the excessive amount of toxins that daily enters it with polluted air, water, food and chemical medications.

More serious measures should be taken in order to prevent the development of environmentally dependent diseases. Doctors recommend detoxification. Detoxification (DETOX) – is a treatment aimed on removal of toxic substances from the body until the bloodstream, internal organs and bones are free of toxins.

Leading health care specialists from the Institute of Occupational and Environmental health of Vietnam officially recommend choosing a Ukrainian natural detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX. This product is made from sugar beet pectin and apple pectin which have very strong properties to collect all harmful substances in the body and to eliminate them in a natural way.

The distinguishing feature of PECTIN COMPLEX is that it is a multifunctional product and besides conducting total body cleansing on the cellular level, it has the following health effects:

  • improves functions of digestive system, regulates intestinal microflora;
  • reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases;
  • reduces the content of sugar in the blood, preventing diabetes;
  • boosts the immune system,
  • accelerates metabolism, promotes a healthy weight loss, etc.

  PECTIN COMPLEX also contains a powerful complex of 13 vitamins that strengthen the effect of the health supplement and have an anti-oxidant and antiage effect.

PECTIN COMPLEX is 100% natural health supplement, manufactured in Ukraine on the high tech equipment according to a sophisticated, patented technology.

In Vietnam effectiveness and high quality of PECTIN COMPLEX is nationally also recognized: in December 2017, after numerous tests,  PECTIN COMPLEX received a Golden Cup and Diploma from the National Institute of Quality and Standardization for the excellent product quality.

And in the beginning of 2018 PECTIN COMPLEX was awarded with a Golden Cup at the National Ceremony held by the Association of Functional Foods of Vietnam for the significant contribution into public health of Vietnamese people.

Conduct a natural body detox to stay healthy! Select only the best for yourself – choose PECTIN COMPLEX!



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