Negative consequences of the body contamination  with heavy metals 





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Heavy metals enter the human body from the environment - with inhaled air, tap water, food and have an extremely negative impact on health and provoke the development of many diseases. Let's take a closer look at the most dangerous and common ones.


Aluminum is the most common metal on Earth.

How does aluminum affect health?

Aluminum enters the body mainly with food containing  additives, and also enters food during cooking in aluminum dishes, baking food in aluminum foil, food storage in aluminum-coated foil, or packaging boxes. Studies have shown that metallic contaminants get into canned vegetables and fruits. In foods packed in cans, the amount of aluminum after three months of storage increases by 200%, after six months - by more than 600%.

Negative effects of aluminum in the body

Aluminum slows down the activity of enzymes involved in the conduction of nerve impulses. It is the cause of poor memory, reduced intellectual level, the cause of excessive fragility of the bones.


What is arsenic and how does it enter the body?

Arsenic (As) is a highly toxic substance.

Arsenic accumulates in the soil, and then enters the body with vegetables and fruits.

The negative effects of arsenic in the body

Arsenic accumulates in hair, nails, skin, bones and liver, causes cancer of the larynx and eyes, and also causes myeloid leukemia. But it is less dangerous than cadmium, beryllium, lead and mercury.


The negative effects of beryllium in the body

This element is used in the metallurgical industry. Beryllium as an element is toxic, causing various kinds of diseases. The highly toxic properties of beryllium provide for its restriction in use, since every tenth patient suffers from chronic strains of poisoning.



What is phosphorus?

Currently, phosphorus is increasingly used in the production of various fertilizers, food industry.

Negative effects of phosphorus in the body

Nutritionists warn those who drink large amounts of carbonated drinks as they may  contain phosphorus  and those who consume large amounts of meat. This can lead to osteoporosis. Excess entrance of phosphorus to the body leads to acidification of the body and leaching of calcium from the skeleton. It worsens the absorption of important elements such as magnesium, zinc and iron, which leads to anemia.

Body acidification is a type of disturbed acid metabolism, when the pH level is lowered (less than 7). Such a violation is the cause of so many diseases. One of the first symptoms is the appearance of a feeling of constant drowsiness and fatigue.


What is cadmium and where will it be applied?

It is used in the manufacture of plastics, in the manufacture of batteries, fertilizers, and also contained in cigarette smoke.

The negative effects of cadmium in the body

The ingestion of cadmium in the body leads to disruption of the metabolism of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and copper salts. It causes muscle pain, fragility of bones, lungs and kidneys. Cadmium is classified as a carcinogenic element that is present in tobacco smoke. It accumulates mainly in the kidneys, liver, adrenal glands and lungs. It can cause renal failure, hypertension, bone deformities, cancer and infertility.


What is lead?

Lead (Pb) is one of the most harmful elements found in nature. He was included in the list of most dangerous poisons. Currently it is  widely used in the manufacture of batteries, ammunition, paints, varnishes, plastics, glass and pyrotechnics.

How does lead enter the body?

Lead enters the body from the environment and water, mainly due to exhaust gases and particulate emissions from factories, burning coal, corrosion of lead-containing pipes, batteries and wastewater.

Health effects of lead

Lead after ingestion is very toxic. Exposure is especially dangerous in the long run of the influence of this element. It causes weakness of the body, anemia and partial paralysis (paresis). Children are especially sensitive to the effects of this metal. It provokes the development of mental disorders, problems with mobility and hearing.

Lead poisoning is a disease caused by an overdose of lead, accompanied by constipation and nausea, malaise, heart problems and infertility, pale skin, anemia, problems with the nervous system. A dose of lead in excess (35 mg per 100 ml of blood and more) can cause a change in the human central nervous system. It accumulates mainly in the kidneys, liver, bones and teeth. Causes damage to the liver and kidneys, brain cells, bones, nervous and vascular systems.

Every day, children and adults in industrial areas and large cities are susceptible to chronic heavy metal poisoning. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body leads to the development of various serious diseases of all organs and systems of the body, causing a delay in intellectual and physical development in children.

In order to prevent chronic intoxication of the body, it is necessary to promptly clean the body at the cellular level with effective detox products that bind heavy metals and other chemical elements and eliminate them from the body through urine and feces.

One of the most effective products  for body cleaning in Vietnam is a Ukrainian product  PECTIN COMPLEX . Sugar beet pectin and apple pectin powders, which are the main ingredients of this health supplement, effectively and without harm to the body bind and excrete heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides, nitrates and other chemical pollutants.

PECTIN COMPLEX has a smart mechanism of action: removing harmful chemicals from the body, it does not affect the content of vitamins and minerals in the body.

PECTIN COMPLEX is a multifunctional product , so it is an  indispensible remedy for al the family members of different ages, because it has the following functions :

1. Helps to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, radio nuclides, pesticides and other chemical pollutants.
 2. Used in complex treatment of chronic and acute chemical intoxications, food and alcohol poisonings.
 3. Regulates the level of  cholesterol in blood, helps to improves peripheral blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
 4. Regulates the level of glucose in the blood, helps to prevents diabetes.
 5. Improves the functions of digestive system and regulates intestinal microflora.
 6. Regulates metabolism, has hepatoprotective and soft choleretic properties.
 7. Used in complex treatment of allergic and skin diseases.
 8. Prevention of obstetric complications in pregnant women.
 9. Promotes healthy weight loss.
 10. Significantly strengthens the immune system and eliminates  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
 11. Has an anti-age effect.
 12. Used in the complex treatment and prevention of cancer, reduces the side effects of treatment with antibiotics and chemotherapy, increases the absorption of medicines, providing their prolonged effect.

Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX !




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