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For more than 20 years, a dietary supplement PECTIN COMPLEX has been helping people who suffered  from  various poisonings, and this is the most popular area of ​​its application. Millions of Ukrainians were saved thanks to the main property of PECTIN COMPLEX - to eliminate harmful substances from the body in the shortest possible time.

How does PECTIN COMPLEX work in the body?

Health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX contains an optimal combination of 2 strong natural sorbents – sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, enriched with a powerful vitamin complex. PECTIN COMPLEX has a high sorption capacity, and therefore has an ability to bind a large number of toxic substances on its surface. PECTIN COMPLEX tablets, getting into intestines, actively begin to collect and bind heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and toxins of various origins that provoked the disease; then the sorbent, together with all collected toxic substances, is excreted from the body naturally.

It is highly important to mention, that PECTIN COMPLEX collects only harmful substances. Useful microflora, unlike toxins, is firmly retained on the hairs inside the intestine, that is why the pathogenic compounds and bacteria are primarily absorbed. A lot of scientific documents have confirmed the safety of PECTIN COMPLEX for children and pregnant women. Health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX does not contain chemical additives such as artificial flavors flavors, sugar, gluten and preservatives.

It is worth knowing that PECTIN COMPLEX copes not only with such symptoms of poisoning as  nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc. In the result of taking PECTIN COMPLEX there is always a significant decrease in the content of heavy metals,  allergens, harmful bacteria, radionuclides and other toxic substances in the body.

PECTIN COMPLEX - complete cleansing of the body within 30 days

The huge benefit that PECTIN COMPLEX can render to any inhabitant of the modern Vietnamese city is complex cleaning of the body from accumulated toxins and other harmful substances. The modern life style with poor quality of food, polluted environment and constant stress leads to the accumulation of toxins and slag in the body. As a result, a number of health problems appear: immunity decreases, the risk of developing various diseases increases, overall health worsens.

The way how PECTIN COMPLEX cleanses the body: our intestines are surrounded by a large number of blood and lymphatic vessels. From there, various toxins, allergens and harmful biologically active substances constantly enter the surface of the intestinal mucosa and are reabsorbed into the blood. PECTIN COMPLEX, which works mainly in the intestines, passing through it, adsorbs (binds) these harmful substances (because they are free in the lumen of the intestine and some are loosely attached to the villi of the intestinal surface). With all  collected harmful substances, PECTIN COMPLEX is excreted naturally.

Conducting a course of complete body detoxification, we stimulate the body to recovery, increase its vitality and prolong a healthy life. The course of application of  PECTIN COMPLEX for the purpose of a complex body cleansing lasts 30 days,   the daily dosage is  indicated in the instructions.

In addition to a complex body cleansing , PECTIN COMPLEX is actively used for the support treatment of allergies, diarrhea, intestinal infections, rotavirus, toxicosis of pregnant women, diabetes, ect. Thus, PECTIN COMPLEX should be always kept  in your medical kit as an effective multi problem solution remedy. Let us dwell in more detail on one of the most popular and protracted diseases of our time - allergies!

How does PECTIN COMPLEX cope with allergies?

The main difference between PECTIN COMPLEX and antihistamines is that it fights exactly  the cause of the allergic reaction, while other drugs simply block the receptors H1, H2. Getting into  intestines, PECTIN COMPLEX collects allergens and removes from the body naturally. PECTIN COMPLEX captures allergen molecules, toxins and biologically active substances that are formed during an allergic reaction in the body. The positive effect of using the dietary supplement PECTIN COMPLEX is confirmed  by numerous scientific  studies and proven by  feedbacks of hundreds  thousands of satisfied people.

5 reasons to take PECIN COMPLEX for allergies:

  • Eliminates the cause of  allergy by  removing allergens;
  • Eases  allergy symptoms;
  • Improves the state of the health  in a short time;
  • Accelerates recovery;
  • Allowed to take to children and pregnant women.

You probably know that our body can naturally get rid of poisons and bacteria. One of these methods is diarrhea. However, this method is unpleasant, can be quite long, and most importantly not safe for the health. Let’s spot light in detail how PECTIN COMPLEX copes with diarrhea of ​​adults and children.


PECTIN COMPLEX for diarrhea

Diarrhea is a disease that requires a fast treatment, and PECTIN COMPLEX, like no other drug is able  quickly to cope with the disease. Its action begins in 20 minutes after the intake. PECTIN COMPLEX acts very quickly and gently removes all pathogens from the body.

5 reasons to take PECTIN COMPLEX for diarrhea:

  • Eliminates the very cause of diarrhea, removes poisons and dangerous microorganisms from the digestive tract;
  • Effective in 20 minutes after the intake ;
  • Stops diarrhea in a short time;
  • Accelerates recovery and improves the state of the health of the patient ;
  • Eliminates only pathogenic bacteria, enhances the  normalization of healthy microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Separately, it is necessary to focus on the healthof children. All the medications and health supplements that are given to children by mothers are selected very carefully.  When parents choose remedies for treatment of their children, they ask such important questions as: What medication  to give the  child without any harm to his health? How to choose the best medicine for a good price? What treatment will help quickly and safely? How to choose a preparation without additives, preservatives, sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. PECTIN COMPLEX is perfect for application for kids due to its naturalness and safety.

  • PECTIN COMPLEX - a reliable health supplement for children

PECTIN COMPLEX has no contraindications for admission by children. Unlike other sorbents  PECTIN COMPLEX  does not contain any dyes, preservatives, sugar and gluten, it does not irritate the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and has no side effects.

Due to its universality, effectiveness and safety, PECTIN COMPLEX deserves a place in every home medical kit. Due to its unique principle of action, in the therapeutic practice, PECTIN COMPLEX is used in the complex treatment of renal and hepatic insufficiency, influenza and acute respiratory viral infection, atherosclerosis of  heart vessels, bronchial asthma and edema of the quinck, toxicosis of pregnant women and other diseases.



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