Popular seafood contain dangerous toxins





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Mussels – are shellfish, which are called natural filters of water. In most of cases they contain a very dangerous toxin - saxitoxin  (neuroparalytic poison). The highest concentration of this toxin have the mussels that are grown in special ponds where the water circulates is worse than in the sea. Growing in such conditions, the mussels accumulate a very high concentration of saxitoxin. When choosing mussels for your dish, it is recommended to pay attention to the country of their origin. For example, in China, Vietnam and Korea, there are a lot of such "stagnant" farms, which are engaged in cultivation of mussels, which possess a real threat for health.

Patients with saksitoxin  intoxication are observed to have the   paralysis of  respiratory muscles, and inhibition of respiratory  and vasomotor centers. Early symptoms of this poisoning are the numbness of the tongue, lips and fingertips. Later develops cardiovascular and respiratory failures. In some extreme cases, the death occurs as a consequence of a respiratory failure.



Despite the high cost of this seafood, it continues to gain popularity. Gourmets appreciate the taste of fresh oysters, watered with lemon juice. But this product often causes food poisoning due to the high risk of contamination with infection , similar to Vibrio cholerae, if  the oyster  is not fresh enough.

Depending on the region, where the oysters were caught, they also can contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, the concentration of which in them significantly exceeds the permitted limits.




In spite of the content of many useful minerals that shrimps contain, doctors consider this product to be harmful for health. The fact is that shrimp are able to absorb radioactive substances if they inhabit the contaminated waters. And sometimes the unfair manufacturers use poisonous chemical dyes to give a more orange color to the product. Choosing shrimps, do not buy ones with a black head. When cooking shrimps, pay attention to the color of the water - if it becomes orange, - it is very likely, that the shrimps contain artificial color.



Seaweed consumption may bring benefit to your body, due to the fact, that it contains useful minerals.  However, laboratory tests have proven that algae, particularly their coastal species, often contain high concentrations of heavy metals such as copper, zinc, cadmium, lead and chromium. The accumulation of heavy metals in algae happens  due to their ability to absorb contaminants from their habitat  -water, which is very  often contaminated with toxicants. Therefore it is necessary to think very carefully and assess all the health risks before consumption of dishes with algae and other products which contain it.

For a usual citizen, not being an expert in food safety, and not having the opportunity to check the quality of the food in laboratory conditions, it quite difficult to realize if the food is safe or not. So, the best solution is daily prevention of the body from the risk to be poisoned by environment and food pollutants.

The best remedy for prevention and treatment of chronic and acute intoxications  - is regular consumption of  a Ukrainian natural health supplement  PECTIN COMPLEX, which prevents the absorption and promotes the excretion of heavy metals, radionuclides and pesticides from the human body.



The main ingredients of PECTIN COMPLEX  is sugar  beet  pectin and apple pectin, which, in addition to strong  detoxification function, are also worldwide famous for their strong ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood, help to improve digestive functions, to regulate carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, enhance the protective properties of the organism.

An important fact is that PECTIN COMPLEX has no side effects; is approved for use by pregnant and lactating women, children after 3 years old.



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