Polluted environment is the main cause of diseases in the XXI century





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On the Earth, there are no pure water resources, the level of heavy metals in the soil exceeds all the norms by several times, air pollution is increasing dramatically. Day by day our health is being deteriorated by negative environmental factors.

Autism caused by chronic heavy metal poisoning

The worst consequence of environmental pollution is a human gene mutation. Unfortunately, over the past decades, the cases of birth of unhealthy children have increased at times.

In recent years, scientists have increasingly associated the development of autism in children with chronic heavy metal poisoning, especially by mercury. Over the past 30 years, the frequency of birth of children with autism has increased dramatically. On the average, 6 children from 1000 are born with this incurable brain disorder. Also many researchers believe that an increase of the level of radiation in homes emitted from TVs, computers and mobile phones is the main cause of frequent cases of birth of children with autism.

Air pollution is the cause of chronic respiratory diseases

Severe air pollution by toxic emissions of factories and plants leads to frequent diseases of the respiratory system. Today Vietnam occupies one of the leading places in the world at the rate of death from such disease as asthma. Asthma generally occurs in people who live near the plants, factories and other industrial enterprises, also at vicinities of the storage of toxic waste. Experts say that metallurgical enterprises pose the greatest danger to human respiratory system. It is vital to know, that air pollution affects children much more adversely than adults. The incidence of development of asthma in children is twice higher than in adult population.


In Vietnam, according to the latest data, every 10th child suffers from asthma. Moreover, according to findings of the WHO, 40% of all diseases caused by poor environmental conditions, are developed namely in children.

Due to pollution, frequency of allergic diseases has increased by 4 times

Allergy is another disease caused by polluted environment. According to the research, every 5th Vietnamese suffers from allergy. Over the past twenty years, the frequency of allergic diseases has increased by 4 times.

WHO states that allergy has many chances to become the most common disease of the XXI century. Citizens suffer from allergies three times more than inhabitants of villages and hamlets. This fact allowed the researchers to identify most specific causes of the disease:

  1. The sharp deterioration of ecological situation
  2. Powerful industrial development
  3. "Western lifestyle" of citizens: permanently closed windows, the use of air conditioners, etc.

Bad environment also contributes to the development of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and disorders of nervous system.

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