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The easiest way is to clean the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body in general is using pectin. To begin with, you should  reduce or exclude foods  with artificial additives, as well as indigestible products, that is, those that increase the content of slag in the body. Instead, you should enrich the diet with foods, and dietary supplements containing pectin.  Scientists all around the world have repeatedly confirmed that pectin has the ability to absorb toxins and harmful substances and remove them from the body. The most effectibe bode detoxifier is sugar beet beet pectin and apple pectin.

Pectin is a wonderful gift from nature: it  not only removes harmful substances and slag from the body, but also reduces blood sugar and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, "cleanses" the blood vessels, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis.

Pectin, entering the digestive tract, envelops the walls of the stomach and intestines, not allowing harmful substances to be absorbed into blood. It absorbs toxins and with an indigestible residue removes them from the body, softens the action of active substances on the walls of the stomach and intestines, reduces the inflammatory processes of the mucosa and prevents the occurrence of a stomach ulcer. Pectin serves as a barrier to the development of atherosclerosis and prevents the poisoning of the organism by poor-quality food and harmful substances.

Pectin effectively and naturally eliminates heavy metals from the body. For example, lead is removed by pectin even faster and much safer even in comparison with chemical medications. Including pectin preparations into your diet, you significantly improve your health - remove harmful substances from the body. By performing a purifying role, pectin can also help to cure a number of diseases caused by poor ecology or an unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes even faster than some popular medications.

Pectin preparations, in particular PECTIN COMPLEX, perfectly cleanses the body and prevents such diseases as:

  • vegeto-vascular dystonia
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • polyarthritis
  • diabetes
  • metabolic diseases
  • Alcoholism.

Regular use of PECTIN COMPLEX improves digestion. It stimulates a motor function of digestive organs, increases the allocation of the juices necessary for it;  increases the biological value of most foods. Pectin helps to purify the digestive tract. People who do not receive pectin in their diet often suffer from constipation.

Pectin improves the metabolism in the body – already after several days of application of PECTIN COMPLEX, you will feel a surge of energy, and after a while the complexion becomes healthier and more attractive, the skin  smoother and  the hair silky.



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