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A scientific  and manufacturing enterprise "Tehnologica "  for many years has been producing  simple and at the same time unique products for the whole family. The health detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX was   invented more than 25 years ago by a talented scientist – PhD in Chemistry Pavel  Ivanovich Demchenko and his colleagues.

We realize that producing PECTIN COMPLEX, we  are responsible for the quick effect and safety of this preparation. Therefore, PECTIN COMPLEX has been well studied and  it  has undergone numerous clinical tests. During the process of  manufacturing we use  only proven, high purity raw materials. In order to exclude  the possibility of side effects and allergies, PECTIN COMPLEX is produces without any preservatives, dyes , parabens and fragrances.

The main applications of PECTIN COMPLEX:

  • Promotes the excretion of heavy metal ions, radionuclides, pesticides, nitrates and other persistent chemical contaminants.
  • Normalizes blood cholesterol levels, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Improves the functions of digestive tract, promotes the normalization of intestinal microflora.
  • Contributes to the normalization of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Strengthens the immune system, prevents premature aging.

What is unique in PECTIN COMPLEX?

PECTIN COMPLEX - it's not just a dietary supplement for regular use with the aim of  systematic body cleaning  from  toxins and waste , but it also is first-aid remedy for poisonings and  acute intestinal infections (bacterial and viral), intoxications in adults and children. Entering the body, PECTIN COMPLEX not only stops the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, but also  destroys ONLY  harmful microorganisms  in the intestines, thus promotes the growth of  beneficial intestinal bacteria.

This preparation removes toxins and destroys microbes that produce these toxins. PECTIN COMPLEX  is one of the very few drugs that quickly helps to get rid of dysbiosis.

PECTIN COMPLEX  is officially recommended by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №887 dated November 30, 2009,  for wide application to the population, including young children, pregnant and lactating women, who live in ecologically unfavorable regions of Ukraine, for the prevention and comprehensive treatment of ecologically dependent diseases.

Take care of your health, be healthy, and PECTIN COMPLEX will help with this!




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