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In order to be slender, many people have to adhere to a diet from time to time. And during the diet the body experiences stress. Because of changing eating habits and foods, reducing the amount of calories, toxins and waste accumulate in the body. Therefore, experts recommend taking a course of sorbents during a diet.

PECTIN COMPLEX is a powerful sorbent, which unlike other products, enters into a strong chemical bond with toxins, poisons, salts of heavy metals and removes them from the body naturally. The composition of the dietary supplement PECTIN COMPLEX is sugar beet pectin and apple pectin – they are polysaccharides present in the cell wall and intercellular substance of some fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the cleansing properties of PECTIN COMPLEX make it possible to use it as a component of a diet for weight loss. A person who consumes a recommended dose of pectin per day, which corresponds to about 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, requires less food to get rid of hunger. The benefit of pectin is based on its ability to bind "bad" carbohydrates, not allowing them to completely absorb from the gastrointestinal tract.  PECTIN COMPLEX is very effective for weight loss in the case of "stagnant" fat: when the weight was accumulated for many years. PECTIN COMPLEX conducts delicate cleansing of the body of cholesterol, toxins and waste, and this allows not only to cope with fatty deposits, but also to improve the overall condition of the body. If there is a problem with constipation, PECTIN COMPLEX will normalize stool.

Let's reveal a little secret: if you take PECTIN COMPLEX 10-15 minutes before eating, then some part of the eaten food simply won’t be digested by the body.



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