Pectin Complex for digestive system disorder





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In addition to a complex body cleansing, Pectin Complex  is actively used for the support treatment of allergies, diarrhea, intestinal infections… Thus, Pectin Complex should be always kept  in your medical kit as an effective multi problem solution remedy.

Pectin Complex for diarrhea

Diarrhea is a disease that requires a fast treatment, and Pectin Complex, like no other drug is able  quickly to cope with the disease. Its action begins in 20 minutes after the intake. Pectin Complex acts very quickly and gently removes all pathogens from the body.

5 reasons to take Pectin Complex for diarrhea:

  • Eliminates the very cause of diarrhea, removes poisons and dangerous microorganisms from the digestive tract;
  • Effective in 20 minutes after the intake ;
  • Stops diarrhea in a short time;
  • Accelerates recovery and improves the state of the health of the patient ;
  • Eliminates only pathogenic bacteria, enhances the  normalization of healthy microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pectin Complex to relieve constipation naturally

Constipation is a violation of the defecation process, characterized by a lack of stools over 2-3 days. Constipation causes the development of intestinal dysbacteriosis, chronic colitis, also provokes the intoxication of the body. Frequent constipation adversely affects the skin condition and contributes to its aging.

Most often, young children and people over 60 years old suffer from constipation.

The reasons of the development of chronic constipation can be a lot. The most common risk factors for constipation include: unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, violation of intestinal microflora, pregnancy, elderly age, taking a number of medications.

Pectin Complex is not a laxative. Pectin Complex restores the natural peristalsis of the intestines, provides regular stools.

Usually to reduce constipation people take laxatives, most of which irritate the intestinal mucosa. Their use for a long time disrupts bowel function. This leads to increased constipation, and also to the development of atony of the large intestine, in which the intestine loses its ability to advance the food lump without chemical stimulation.

But Pectin Complex works in a different way. It stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, which eliminates the phenomenon of persistent constipation, Pectin Complex effectively eliminates symptoms of irritation of the intestines such as nausea, vomiting, increased gas formation and other toxicosis phenomena. Complete normalization of the stool, as a rule, occurs after 5-10 days of admission of Pectin Complex.

In addition, Pectin Complex has a bactericidal effect on the pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic intestinal microflora. In this case, our own beneficial lacto- and do not depress. Thus, Pectin Complex helps to eliminate the very cause of constipation, and not just to relieve symptoms.



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