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Pregnancy is not in vain called nine months of happiness, because the feeling that a new baby is getting bigger and bigger day by day, literally inspires a future mummy. But what if this wonderful time is a bit spoilt by  toxicosis or allergy, poisoning or diarrhea? In order nine months of happiness did not turn into nine months of problems, a pregnant woman should take for treatment only those drugs that are safe, act quickly and effectively.

A universal remedy in the medical kit of a future mother can be a health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX - a natural enterosorbent of a new generation containing purified sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, which effectively bind toxins and remove them from the body of a woman without any harm to her health and the health of the baby.

Advantages of PECTIN COMPLEX:

- It is fast!

PECTIN COMPLEX begins to act in 20 minutes after entering the intestine.

- It is safe!

Buying medicines and health supplements for pregnant women, it is important to choose those that have a complex action and do not penetrate placenta.

- It's effective!

Improvement of the health condition occurs on the first- second day of taking the health supplement.

PECTIN COMPLEX can help in case of:

Allergy during pregnancy

Stuffy nose, itchy skin and watery eyes - these allergy symptoms are especially painful for pregnant women, because taking antihistamine preparations can have a negative effect on fetal development, and therefore many future mothers prefer to  endure and to cope with this condition without application of  antihistamine medications, depriving themselves from normal sleep and rest. PECTIN COMPLEX does not penetrate into placenta and promotes the removal of allergens from the body, alleviating or even stopping many unpleasant allergy symptoms.

Toxicosis during pregnancy

Toxicosis exhausts, depriving a pregnant woman from forces  and positive emotions. Morning sickness is replaced by weakness, occurs increased blood pressure and loss of appetite, which can badly affect the health of the unborn baby. PECTIN COMPLEX helps to remove toxins and restore the water-salt balance of the body, which will positively affect the well-being of the future mother.

Poisoning during pregnancy

In case of a food poisoning during pregnancy, if  a pregnant woman does not receive help on time, it can be fraught with miscarriage. Application of PECTIN COMPLEX during poisoning, promotes not only the elimination from the body of pathogenic bacteria , but also  the  products of fermentation and decay which are formed during the poisoning in the body , helping both the mom and the future baby.

Colds  and flu during pregnancy

Long walks are useful for the future baby, but sometimes it is fraught with colds, which may cause  fever, a runny nose and a sore throat. To eliminate viruses and pathogenic bacteria from the body, you can take PECTIN COMPLEX,-  this will help to  prevent complications of the disease and prevent a pregnant woman from using  antibiotics, which are unsafe for the fetus.

Diarrhea in Pregnancy

Diarrhea during pregnancy not only exhausts a future  mother, but alsosignificantly reduces the amount of  useful intestinal microflora, which can lead to the development of thrush, which during pregnancy is highly undesirable. Application of PECTIN COMPLEX  helps to remove pathogenic substances from the body and stops diarrhea and restores the water-salt balance of the body.

PECTIN COMPLEX after pregnancy: treating a child and losing weight healthily

Start taking PECTIN COMPLEX today - and tomorrow the symptoms of toxicosis will begin to reduce. It is important to remember that this health supplement  is indispensable in the  aid kit not only for pregnant women, it is also suitable for young mothers and their children. It is well known that  little children constantly pull and put  everything in their mouths, which means that it is impossible to exclude the possibility of poisoning. PECTIN COMPLEXis officially approved  for children from 3 years old. Application of this health supplement by kids will quickly help to eliminate all toxins that caused the poisoning and will accelerate the recovery.

Taking PECTIN COMPLEX young mothers can lose weight after childbirth and return to her excellent physical shape without any risk for lactation. Moreover, the use of PECTIN COMPLEX helps to improve the condition of the skin and to prove that motherhood it is beautiful!



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