PECTIN COMPLEX promotes healthy weight loss





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PECTIN COMPLEX slows the passage of food through the colon and increases its viscosity. Thus, food assimilation and digestion becomes more complete, and therefore organism needs less food. This characteristic is very valuable to those who keep a diet for losing weight. Also PECTIN COMPLEX binds carbohydrates helping to lose weight.

Another useful function of PECTIN COMPLEX is that it improves the peristalsis and promotes the growth of good intestinal microflora, preventing dysbiosis and strengthening the immune system. PECTIN COMPLEX in the intestinal tract acts as an adsorbent and cleanses the intestinal walls of fat and toxic substances. PECTIN COMPLEX eliminates radionuclides, stagnant fat and excess cholesterol from the body. Thus, due the application of PECTIN COMPLEX during the diet, the weight loss goes more effective and easier.

Taking PECTIN COMPLEX for losing weight is very effective in cases with the weight accumulated over the years. Experts say that stagnant fat is much harder to lose than edematous fat accumulated within six months. However, nutritionists state that PECTIN COMPLEX easily copes both with stagnant and edematous body fat and body cleansing in general. Clinical tests have proved that consumption of 25 grams of apple pectin  can help to reduce 300 grams of overweight.

So, PECTIN COMPLEX is indispensible for healthy weight because it:

  • Reduces cholesterol and stagnant fat cells, toxins and radionuclides
  • Reduces appetite, resulting in reduced daily calorie intake
  • Has excellent impact on intestinal microflora.

Be healthy and fit with PECTIN COMPLEX!




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