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     One of the achievements of scientists at the end of the 20th century in Ukraine is the development of PECTIN COMPLEX – a natural product for  cleansing the body of toxins that enter from the  polluted environment. The formula of this product is based on 3 components: 

  • highly purified medical sugar beet pectin
  • apple pectin
  • a multivitamin complex. 

     Due to the unique combination of these ingredients, PECTIN COMPLEX effectively cleanses the body at the cellular level, helps maintain health, reduces the risk of disease and accelerates healing process.

     PECTIN COMPLEX is a functional product with therapeutic and prophylactic properties and exclusively natural ingredients. The composition of this health supplement consists the optimal complex of beet and apple pectin, which compensates for the daily human need for dietary fiber, and therefore, improves the motility and normalizes digestion. Thanks to pectin, not only detoxification of liver, kidneys, intestines is enhanced, but also the restoration and protection of the cells of these organs takes place. PECTIN COMPLEX helps to restore damaged mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as protect them from the carcinogenic effects of food breakdown products.



     The effectiveness of sugar beet pectin for cleaning the body is many times greater than the effectiveness of other types of pectin; it helps clean out mucus clots and fecal debris from the digestive tract, neutralize decaying toxins, while acting as a lubricant for the digestive tract.

     Apple pectin plays a pivotal role in the formation of fecal masses - it stimulates peristalsis and regulation of intestinal motor function. It is proven that insufficient  consumption of pectin in human diet leads to the development of stasis and dyskinesia of gallbladder and large intestine.

     It is highly recommended to add pectin to the diet of  elderly people  and to the diet of individuals  that have a tendency to constipation. Along with this, pectin has a normalizing effect on the motor function of the biliary tract, stimulating the process of removing bile and preventing the development of stagnant phenomena.

     PECTIN COMPLEX  adsorbs various exo- and endotoxins, heavy metal salts and radionuclides.

In addition, sugar beet pectin promotes the breakdown and assimilation of food proteins, normalizes the acidity of gastric juice, also helps to absorb calcium and iron.

    PECTIN COMPLEX has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, reparative properties, works as a strong antioxidant, improves the contractility of smooth muscles, removes toxins.

     PECTIN COMPLEX is a natural hepatoprotector, i.e. it absorbs poisons and toxins, which must be processed and removed from the body by the liver, thereby giving the liver the opportunity to relax and restore cells.

     Multivitamin complex, which is part of this health supplement , restores the balance of macro-and micronutrients, has an antioxidant effect.

    PECTIN COMPLEX also helps to normalize cholesterol and triglycerides, reduce blood pressure in elderly people with hyperlipidemia, regulate bile acid metabolism, and reduce carbohydrate and lipid adsorption in the intestine. , eliminate metabolic disorders of carbohydrates and lipids in diabetic patients.


PECTIN COMPLEX is used for the prevention and support treatment in combination with other medicines for such diseases as:

·         Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, pancreatitis, chronic hepatitis, chronic colitis, liver cirrhosis.

·         Allergic diseases: food and drug allergies.

·         Cardiology: atherosclerosis, cardiosclerosis.

·         Pulmonology: acute and chronic pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculous intoxication.

·         Endocrinology: diabetes, obesity.

·         Obstetrics: toxicosis pregnant.

·         Dermatology: eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, exudative-catarrhal diathesis.

·         Kidney diseases: chronic pyelonephritis, chronic renal failure.

·         Narcology: alcoholism, drug addiction.

·         Surgery: septic conditions, burns, wound infection, etc.

·         Oncology: intoxication in cancer, as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

·         Harmful production, unfavorable habitat: lead, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, nitrates, nitrites.


The duration of the  course of total body detoxification is  1-2 months. Frequency of detox courses: 2-3 times a year.

When conducting a detoxification  program with PECTIN COMPLEX, water intake  should be up to 2 liters per day.



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