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PECTIN COMPLEX is an antibacterial enterosorbent.

Its basic ingredients are sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, which are natural vegetable compounds. Pectin is a part of all green plants of the planet and is a valuable and daily essential component of human nutrition.

30 years ago, pectin was used exclusively as an effective sorbent. These properties have been known for over 200 years. Long-term research and unique development of scientists, allowed to create a sophisticated formula of PECTIN COMPLEX. This health supplement, unlike conventional sorbents and probiotics, has the following unique properties:

- PECTIN COMPLEX has a bactericidal effect on pathogenic bacteria, while the beneficial microflora of the intestine is not sensitive to it. This contributes to the development and colonization in the intestines of its own beneficial microorganisms, it helps to avoid the need for probiotics during dysbacteriosis or antibiotic therapy.

- getting into the gastrointestinal tract PECTIN COMPLEX forms gels, which, moving along the intestine, capture toxic substances and protect mucous from irritation;

- during the digestion of food, PECTIN COMPLEX binds with toxins, heavy metal salts and radionuclides, resulting in insoluble complexes that are not absorbed into the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, and are excreted from the body. Unlike other sorbents, PECTIN COMPLEX irreversibly binds toxins, poisons, completely eliminating their absorption through the intestinal mucosa;

- PECTIN COMPLEX mproves  peristalsis of the intestine, reducing constipation, and thereby contributing to the rapid elimination of toxins and waste. At the same time, with diarrhea PECTIN COMPLEX slows peristalsis, which promotes the full absorption of all the substances necessary for the body;

- PECTIN COMPLEX binding bile acids, provides a hypocholesterolemic effect;

- PECTIN COMPLEX works not only in the intestines, but also in the whole body, thus conducting a complex body cleansing at the cellular level.



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